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another head sketch before i add colour to it. this time of deadlock
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Your art style of Deadlock in the Drift miniseries always gives me chills, but it's the GOOD kind. :)

:la: So much love for this! Even as a sketch (more like excellent line art, if I may say so! ^^), I can see the coldness of his spark shown on that scowling face. I really like those "cheek shields" he has, too (that's what I like to call them, lol). That's uniquely Deadlock! I imagine he had them to give himself a menacing appearance as a Decepticon, and I certainly don't remember any other Decepticon with that sort of beautiful adornment on their head. I love the shading and details on his neck and chin guard here as well. :nod:

Brilliant work!! :D
IggySeymour's avatar
Don't worry,your style is unlike any I seen and appreciate it! :)
Sorain26's avatar
I love the detail X3
Ha-HeePrime's avatar
:) I love his little frowny mouth. :)

He is now glaring at me for daring to think it's endearing.

This only makes it worse.

Nice work here, pal.
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Sketch??? This looked like inked to me! D: But anyways, loving the crisp and clean of this lineart~:heart:
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Love the detail and angles! :)
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