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d's are my peeps.

so i decided to do another pic of the animated tf's.
now with this pic, i made sari even older, and i changed her clothing. its like shes just finishing up her day at high school.
we can just assume that the autobots have just been hanging around her all this time, making sure she doesn't get into any trouble.
i had a lot of fun with this pic. i was going to do a starscream pic before i drew this, but i wanted to draw sari a bit more then starscream. it like i had an idea, and i couldn't move on until that idea was put to paper.
been a while since i had that feeling, which was refreshing.
i'm not sure if i'll ink it or not. if i do ink it, i'm going to add tone to it to give it that real manga feel. i will color it a some point, just not sure when i'll be able to get around to it.
well i guess its back to normal work. someone give bulkhead a hand. :)

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How can you not color this?! Is so awesome it needs color! PLEASE HAVE SOME MERCY xD!!
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I love your TFA work.  My gosh it's amazing. :D  Your take on Sari is especially awesome...and fitting.
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que genial :okay: ojala pudiera colorearlo (con tu permiso) pero aun no se :P *O* genial!
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Again a beautiful drawing only fit for kings and queens alike. I am a bit curios though about the drawing, how old is Sari in the picture?
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The proportioning is spot on! This looks great :meow:
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oh my fucking god this pic is epic X] :+fav:
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its been a long time since i started coloring, i remember i tried to color this with horrible results and it was not a good work, and it even made you upset,

so i ask you can i color this again and show you and if you approve i can post it?
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since you have asked, i think you can. you'll just have to remember to give proper credit for it :)
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thank you so much i have gotten a lot better since the last time i will try to do it as much justice as i can, i will show you the final work first of course :)

and Of course proper credit will be give to you for this awesome awesome artwork :)
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So....friggin...awesome!!! I envy you! You should color it, if you get the time. :3
And I love how you put your own style into it. God, I would totally put this as my wallpaper.
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Wow! Lovely line art! :w00t:
You captured the TF style really well for all of the bots. I especially like Prowl and Optimus' poses. Sari's headphones and Autobot belt buckle are cool too. ^_^
Love the building architecture. It looks like a real school. So many straight lines...
Bulkhead is too cute. Ratchet's probably saying something like "Oh, for spark's sake, Bulkhead." I'm a little confused about the design though. I thought Bulkhead had a wrecking ball attached to the cable in his arm, not his servo.
Good job! ^_0
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i was going off the toy design images at the time :)
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This is awesome! I love it! I'm not actually a huge fan of animated, but I really like this! :)
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I kinda like Optimus and Sari being parallel to each other, dunno why, but I just do. I love it! :heart:
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I've got two very minor issues with this piece:
- I'm a tiny bit bothered by Sari and Optimus's poses being parallel to each other. Since they're so close together in the image, it's sort of distracting.
- I see that you drew this in 2008, so at the time it made sense, but Prowl being there is sort of odd. I guess he's there in spirit? (and without his Samurai armor and Yoketron's helmet, obviously)

But this is still an AMAZING image! Great job, Alex!
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yes, i drew this just before the show was shown up in Canada, so i drew prowl there. but if i wanted him in there after i saw the show, i can put him in the picture. it is after all, my picture.
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Very true. And people who want to look at this somewhat logically in addition to artistically (like me) can imagine Prowl being there in spirit. :)
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this is really really good.
and i was wondering if i could print it and color it but not post it or anything, but maybe put it on my fridge to show my mommy. :D LOL
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Gorgeous lines! Wonderful job!
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Nice! Bee's playing a DS!!! lol, luv sari's mini skirt the belt buckle is too cool!! good detail on B's tier treads. and not to be a critique, but Bee's racing stripe on his leg is on the other side ^^; sorry
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this was from some toy pic i have that has the stripe on that side.
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