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commission predaking

so this is a old commission i finally had the chance to finish up.
this one goes along with the king starscream commission.
i had a lot of fun working on this one
since the customer had to wait a while for this, i figured i'd go all out and make it a coloured paper image which i felt in the end suited this commission a lot better.
anyways we have predaking swooping down in all his terror. maybe to crush autobot under his feet, or another combiner.
a lot of time went into this picture, but it was a lot of fun. mostly just sitting a colouring this was a bit of a stress reliever for me.
anyways, back to the rest of my commission stack
enjoy :)

commission done with pencil, ink, copic markers, white prismacolor pencil, and white sakura gel pen on canson paper.

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Predaking is easily the best combiner, in my opinion.
jsut a thought for you

what mightthe original predaking be like in over all character, personality and attitude if a version of him were to exist asa heroci predacon superwarrior in the shattered glass transformrs universe where the decepticons are the good gusy and the autobots are the bad guys?

i cant think of anyone who would be more fiting to model shattered glass predakings character after for the role in terms of over all character and personality and attitude then this guy

his name Braveking

his motto

where there is life , there is hope

where there is hope there is friendship

where there is friendship , there is faith

where there is faith there is love

where there is love there is courage

where there is courage, a curagous heart can make all things possible

by our will power and through our determination, and with our fighting sprit we must never forget this oath we have sworn through our courage

basicly model a good guy vsersion of predaking after brave king gaogaigar
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Imagine if Predaking can pull off a Hell and Heaven against his enemies, they are so screwed. And it'd be cool if the Preds combining sequence was ala Genesic Final Fusion with the members circling around Razorclaw before initiating the fusion.
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Quite fitting for the king of predators. :D
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My favourite Decepticons,I really like it!Very excellent!
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My favourite Decepticons,very excellent works!I really like it!
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A fabulous piece...I love the Predacons but mostly Razorclaw. I was wondering if you have drawn him solo...I would love to see your take on him. :D
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lol. you like it man? there be a lot of marker on that page ;p
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indeed i do
many miles those copics have travelled!
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Brilliant, beautiful piece!
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... THIS is definitely what should have been on the advertising paper for this set of toys. :)
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Predaking is the best!
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It's a stunning piece of work.
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Sweet Jiminy Christmas that is awesome!
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Well worth the times and efforts and hope your friend is patient enough to wait for it besides liking it.
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You know, I had just browsed the gallery earlier and noticed that my favorite of the gestalt transformers was missing. And here you've posted him...glorious! =D
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Wow that is really impressive looking. Wonderful job on him.
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The one thing that could go up against this guy/Group, would be a Dinobot combiner...
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