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commission optimus prime

By markerguru
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so this is a commission i got a while ago, but only now had time to work on it, or i should say i made the time to work on it. i needed to take a break from regular work anyways.
so this was a commission of optimus prime, and i wanted to add all the the stuff that came with the toy. i also wanted to draw the new battle roller for a picture, so i put him in here also for kicks.
the olny thing that would have made this better would have been if i had a compressor so i could hook my air brush up. then i could have done some spray effects. ohwell, maybe another time.

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thats badass 
you should give lessons on coloring and shading
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HFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D 8>
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ZOMG! This is awesome !
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That is purely awesome!
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I love this so much. Has roller ever been a robot before?
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It looks amazing! It reminds me of what someone would see on the cover of a comic book. :)
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EPICNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :clap:
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Awesome drawing of Optimus Prime!:)
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Wow, i love that it has that old 70/80's style movie poster feel!

Good job!
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That's just fucking prime!
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Oh wow this is just Amazing :wow:
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this so good!!! i wish the movie lock lick this
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Well done, Mark. You certainly know Optimus Prime. Is the small robot by his side actually Roller, one of Prime's three components?
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it's one of the garage companies upgraded version of roller that they made actually transform. it's not official by hasbro, but i really liked the way it looked, and thought it went well with the masterpiece prime look i was going for. it's all about the extras sometimes :)
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i love this picture great perspective. you bring the TF characters to life in your art
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Is it okay if I use this picture for my boyfriends birthdaycake? :P
He is turning 30 next sunday, he loves transformers and this is
the most awsome picture EVER! :D
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There's no Prime like the Original Optimus Prime G1. This is friggin awesome!!!

- Lak
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