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classic seekers lineart

By markerguru
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so this is one of the new images i'm working on for fan expo which is coming up soon.

since i retired my old starscream print (it's time had come) i decided to do a new one, but this time i would add thundercracker and skywarp to the mix. i ment to do it with the original one, but never got around to it.
oh well, better late then never :D
in the foreground we have thundercracker, starscream in the middle, and skywarp in the BG
it was a lot of fun working on these.



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Love it! All that detail is amazing!! and it looks very 'clean'
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How did I know smug Screamer was in the middle? :XD:
Still, thought ol' Cracker was in the back, he tends to be the more morose of the three, while Skywarp is probably the more balanced...albeit still a cocky Decepticreep.

Beautiful work as ever. 'Guru' indeed :D
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girr! i can't tell the difference if they are not in color! :rage:
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Great work Milne! You are a machine, is that Starscream in the foreground? Just going based off of personalities.
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he's in the middle. thundercracker is in the foreground :)
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^The order from down to up is TC, Screamer, and Skywarp.

Milne, great artwork.
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woah! so awesome! :O
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I love the details on them. :)
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Indeed and the two Seekers are the nice additions for sure.
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StarScream: I shall rule the Decpti...,what are you two looking at?

EIlta-One just lost her chest plate!
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I wish this was a t-shirt, I'd wear it all the time! :)
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Again. Awesome characters and scene ! Each one is more beautiful and splendid than the other. I definitely need a print of it. ;)
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I love TC's "not amused" expression.
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aren't they in the origional "60's" movie?

and in the new one "moon something....."?
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nice can't wait to see the colors ;)
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