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botcon 2010 litho

By markerguru
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so this is the litho art that i did for botcon 2010.
since they just showed it off, i guess its ok to show it here now.

these are all characters that are part of the elite guard in transformers. there are 3 that i had the chance to make up, only i have no idea what the guys at botcon will name them.

lineart :iconmarkerguru: that be me
colors :icondyemooch: he is the man :D

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More than amazing **

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CocowyyHobbyist General Artist
I don't know why,but I feel moved.
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PhantomParticleHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Let's see...
Metalhawk, Dion, Ironfist, Powertrain, Halonix Maximus, Delta Seeker, Roadfire, Over-run, Kup, Thunderclash, Flak, Landshark, Sentinel Major, Magnum, Sprocket, Powerflash, Tap-Out, Blacker, Laster, Braver, Crosscut, and the Combaticons.

The Ones I couldn't confirm: The minicar standing next to Ironfist (G2 Bumblebee?), The 'bot standing behind the red flyer on the left (Devcon?), The guy at the top next to Sprocket (Rumbler?), the guy standing next to braver (I THINK it's one of the pretenders, don't know for sure), and the red and blue flyers. 
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Ah! That IS Rumbler next to Sprocket, The blue flyer is Windsail, the red flyer is Clear Out, The orange 'bot next to Halonix Maximus is actually Padlock, the guy with the Brainmasters is Ranger, and the minicar is Rest-Q. Still dunno who the guy behind Clear Out is....
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Daniel-EggmanHobbyist General Artist
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beautyamber12Student Digital Artist
From one look at this picture, i was hooked on Dion and the funny thing is....i'm in the Elite gaurd too. WHY DIDNT THE OTHERS TELL ME THERE WERE MORE?!
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GundamSpearHobbyist General Artist
I can imagine them saying: We're with you till the end Prime!
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bluchurchStudent Traditional Artist
Since when are the Combaticons Autobots?
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do you even know anything about the fiction botcon has made? maybe you should look it up of the tfwiki to get the info your asking about.
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Midway2009Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The Autobot Elite!!
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DyingMan75Hobbyist General Artist
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I know very little about the "Wings Universe," but this group shot of the Elite Guard is just too cool!
JOLTTHEHEDGEHPG09Hobbyist General Artist
lol i think i can almost name everyone
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chaoticmindProfessional Digital Artist
loooooove this
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ScottPilgrimFanHobbyist Filmographer
Is that Transformers Armada Hotshot in the front of the cover with the Jetguy?
JOLTTHEHEDGEHPG09Hobbyist General Artist
its TFCC exclusive dion whos a hotshot redeco
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ScottPilgrimFanHobbyist Filmographer
Oh that's pretty cool :) But still I really like how he has the similarities of Hotshot. Very cool. ^_^
JOLTTHEHEDGEHPG09Hobbyist General Artist
agreed =D
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Autobot college, sweet
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These comments come a bit later: This poster is good work. But I think especially Onslaught in great. I'm wondering are you going to do last year botcon Generation 2: Redux poster?
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man... it's DAMN NICE to see Metal Hawk getting airtime... much less at the forefront of the work...

awe inspiring
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Wow this is very impressive :)
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