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botcon 2009 poster

By markerguru
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well since there going to be selling these at the show now, i do believe i can show it now.
this is the poster i did for botcon this year.
it is a bunch of the toys that fall under the 25th anniversary line. some of them are robot heroes so if your wondering just look them up.
this is another pic that josh colored. the idea of this picture is a new take on a classic Japanese poster. it shows the autobots on the top, and the decepticons on the bottom.
well back to the show

lineart :iconnmarkerguru:
colors :icondyemooch:

botcon©fun publications
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wow! i see is so good to see good job is 10-10 for me
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Is that Banzai-Tron or Mirage?
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what an awesome mixture of generations <3 someday i want to do something like this.
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Love this! Got it frame at home
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Nightscream? oh so happy to see this quite one T_T
good to have him,Mirage and BW Infino stand together~
just, what a @# colour= = ......
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Sharkticon.. Excellent.
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Starscream v. Fire Convoy... Sxreamer is sooo going to be screaming the loudest he ever did.
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Wow, I don't think I've ever seen 'bots from so many eras in one pic before! Great work! I really enjoy the cleaner look of posters versus in the comic books where everyone's beat up or otherwise damaged and dirty most of the time. Cleaner lines and cleaner colors. All very nice.
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Fantastic work!
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25 years of good clean robot fightin :clap:
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Very cool!!!!!!!!!
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butbutbutbut... no prowl??? He was the coolest of the G1 transformers :{... (and his death sure as hell didnt need to be zoomed in on ¬__¬;...)
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Absolutely amazing.
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Love it. Fantastic job.

Cyclonus rocks btw. :)
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Excellent work, Alex. Your artwork never ceases to amaze, my friend. Wish I could have hit Botcon this year to pick up one of these. Keep up the great work and check out my kitbash work when you get a chance--I finally added some stuff and plan to add more soon. It would be cool to know what you think of it, bro.
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Dude! Is that Ricochet? O_O when was it released?
Amazing poster!
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the pink one looks hot!
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wow, I wish I went to botcon, then I could buy this.

BTW, did you happen to be at a table in one of the dealer rooms at anime north?
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Awesome! Really a great work! =)
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Cheetor,Tankor,and Inferno?

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