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botcon 2008 box art

By markerguru
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so i've been itching to put this up ever since it was done, but i couldn't.
however, since botcon put this on there site, i guess now i can show it off.
this is the boxart for the exclusive set for this year.
i like the way it came out. i think josh did an excellent job coloring this.
well if you need anymore info on this, check out the official botcon site.


lineart :iconmarkerguru:
colors :icondyemooch:

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An evil Optimus Prime, a Nemesis Prime. Pretty wicked.
TheVisoredMelon's avatar
Awesome! I think evil Autobots are even more evil than the original Decepticons. :boogie:
sevenxlives's avatar
awesome!!!! >w<
looks real class.
toatg's avatar
EPIC!!! i love the shattered glass series it's just so different!
wastelanddragon's avatar
botcons are the BEST
PhoenixPrime's avatar
I love y'alls' works. Seriously, I die every time I see it.

This is why it kills me whenever I see/hear of a new IDW comic out, since I has no moneys... :<
Wommera's avatar
Really cool work with this one, mate!
Raja-Ulat's avatar
Finally got a good look at from from the Shattered Glass series. :)
evolutionselene's avatar
Ooooooo Evil Prime.
JefimusPrime's avatar
I take it this is the mirrorverse of Transformers plus you know what these evil mirror verse autobots need? Gooties
C-y-n-d-i's avatar
When good bots go bad.... ^^
SkinsT's avatar
I can has sexy Optimus *___*

NemesisPrime13's avatar
This is more than awesome! I love how you did Prime. You have just set a place in my mind as the greatest Transformers artist ever!
luzamon's avatar
*runs screaming*
marvisionart's avatar
You and Don are just two of the baddest TF artist around man. Luv it and keep it up!
markerguru's avatar
thanks a lot. that means a lot from someone who is also a great artist in creating those transtech stuff. did you create all of them or just a few?
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This is slagging awesome!!!! I love OP's new colors and Starscream's new look is amazing. This is from that Shattered Glass series right? Awesome work!
AjDrawer's avatar
What is this... evil atmosphere i'm getting!? Jazz with heavy shit load of weapons, a recolored starscream... and a cannon totting Grimlock?
ChristianPrime1-Bot's avatar
This is so much like an episode of Challenge of the Gobots! Only this is much better!

Lovely colouring, by Josh, on both Evil Autobots & the Heroic Starscream & Razorclaw (I guess)...You really nailed Mirror-verse Prime here (He really looked like he sold his soul to the Devil from the Doctor Who S2 2-parters: The Impossible Planet & The Satan Pit)!

And seeing Don's art...How will the real Cliffjumper get himself out? I wonder...
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hahaha isn't this the toy line called Shattered Glass? Awesome! Goody goody Starscream and bad ass Optimus Prime are quite appealing! XD
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You're a mecha expert! I love your art, especially paneling. Do you use rulers for most of it? I've heard some people can do this without rules.
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do you mean when i'm drawing the boxes for comic panels, or the panels on the robots bodies?
i use a ruler for making comic panels, and the only time i use a ruler drawing a robot is for an line thats really long that i want to draw really fast. but most of the time when i'm drawing the bots it's all free hand. hope that answers your question? :)
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