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bombshell commission

so this would be my first time getting a commission for bombshell.
it was a lot of fun to work on.
it would of been nice to have coloured this, but a black and white image is also nice from time to time :)
well, back to work


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Sweet. I have these guys. Old and new.
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sooooooooooooooo tasty. Honestly the most evil character of the first two seasons. hands down.
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I really like this picture!
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Oh my! Bombshell!!
It's so good to see you darw one of the Insecticons XD
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OMG! He looks evil! :O

Great job! :clap:
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Love it! Insecticons could always use more love.
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The smartest of those idiots :P
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really awesome!!
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awesone work like always
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Indeed and you have done a tremendous job here especially the perspectives.Also glad that you have fun working on it and hope your friend will like it.
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Fantastic lineart of an insane psychological warfare expert! :D

"The mind is my playpen."
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cool stuff, you can really tell this guy doesn't want to run outta guns! x)
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It's a shame it won't be coloured but this is great, I really like the perspective. And for those keeping count, Shrapnel was my favourite. He had electricity powers!
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AWWWWWW....AWESOME! My fav Insecticon, I hope someone colors it! :)
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Cool one of Bomesheellk here
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I remember having the original Insecticons when I was a kid. SHrapnel and Bombshell were my faves!
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ah bombshell, she's one the most fun characters in TF to draw. he's awesome.
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Not to be colored? :(

Awesome work Alex!
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yeah, this one was just a black and white.
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I may take a shot at coloring this if that is okay?
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