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blurr study

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so this is just me messing around with photoshop.
after i saw some of the art from the blurr spotlight i wanted to do a head sketch of him. i then thought i should add some color to it. it's nothing spectacular, but it was fun to just play around with stuff.
well, back to sketches

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SeekerNamiHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! HANDSOME and Gorgeous!
Nice work with photoshop, I bet it'd have taken me over 6 hours or more to finish such a good work. Gotta practice more.

Why is it that Blurr is so amazing? I totally love this mech!
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:faint: I wanna piece of that!
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LordBloodySoulHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay! Blurr is awesome! Your picture is awesome! Awesomeness everywhere :clap:

Keep it up!
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narutofreak39 Photographer



BLUUUUURRRRR!!!! :iconglompage:
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neat ;P
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narutofreak39 Photographer

Sorry, random moment... >.> <.<;
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eeeeeeeeeeeha! the best picture of Blurr ever!! =))))))))))
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Lady-DateStudent General Artist
-Bows in shame at your awesomeness- That is great! I'm having tot resister the urge to squee like a fan gorl at this.
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Barricade80Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nothing spectacular? Are you kidding?!
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The design and color are just excellent, and I love the smile and sparkle in his eye. Nice work!

By thy side,

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I like it a lot! Seems like Blurr's been re-discovered again lately. I hope you get to do another spotlight! You'll probably be too busy with movieverse stuff. You and Mowry make an excellent team!
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i wish i could do another spotlight. that would be awesome.
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I remember seeing those quick pics of Blurr - defintely different - they certainly went all out on is head lol - well dine sir! :clap
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I very much enjoy the Autobot but I really dig the background. :nod:
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really? i did that in a miniute.
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It makes my inner graphic designer smile. :]
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i'm not sure what my graphic design teacher would say about this, but it was fun to do.
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Blurr has never looked so good! Love the expression and head design! You've out done yourself!


Blurr - AbsolutelypositivelynobodycandoitbetterthanAlexcan! obodynobodynobody!
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Great job, as always! :D :XD: :thumbsup:

There's going to be a "Spotlight: Blurr"? I thought theres only two or three more left.
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The original batch of Spotlights were treated as a five issue miniseries. They just keep announcing more as they go along.
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I heard that there are only going to be 2 or 3 more, which will be part of the "Revelations" series along with Spotlight Hardhead and Cyclonus. After that, IDW is planning on making comics about the original 13.
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The Revelation spotlights were the last ones to be announced, they only release official info a few months in advance, so new stuff is added as they go along. At no point did they say the Revelation ones would be the last spotlights ever. 'The Thirteen' doesn't even have an artist or a release date yet.
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I read on Transformers Wiki that Revelations is the last ones. Thats where I found out about "The Thirteen," too.
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