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so at first i wasn't going to post this up until i had it inked, but since i haven't posted anything is a while i figured it would be nice to show off what i was working on.
you know how you have days where you just can't seem to get into the groove, well i've had that for the last 2 weeks. i just couldn't seem to get anything i wanted down on paper. so i decided to do something just for fun. i know there a lots of people who have been complaining about Don's new look for the upcoming transformers ongoing series, personally i don't mind the way they look. i said to myself that i wanted to try a take on them, so i did. i'm pretty sure that i've drawn parts of them wrong since i don't have there full designs at hand (had to go off what art was out on the net thus far) but there pretty close.
well this is what i have thus far. there will be a few tweaks that i'll do when inking it, especially with the background, but over all i'm happy with it. i know in a few months i will most likely hate it, but thats the way it is with everything i draw.
enjoy ;p

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I always symphatized with wheeljack
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really nice piece!
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Also, good to see you've given the bots REAL faces (albeit with some Bay styling garnish) instead of those god-awful things Don calls heads
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i basically wanted to draw everything that Don had come up with, but with my take on the faces. i made them a bit closer to G1 style.
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Good idea. That's why the TF comics at IDW are so interesting - every artist has a completely different style that looks cool and fir certain stories perfectly.

Can you reveal if you're working on anything for IDW as of now?
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nope. after the TOTF Arcee i have no further work with idw at this point.
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I love what IDW are doing with Hot Rod. Looks like he's set to become Rodimus in ongoing #2. He so badaft! U kno, TF wiki has a really ironic caption of Roddy staring into the Magnificence. It says, "Oh magical 8 ball, will I ever be a Prime in this continuity?"

BTW love your movie TF work, Alex. CANNOT BELIEVE IDW has replaced you with Carlos Magno!
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well thats Andy's call.
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Yeah. Ah well, Carlos does it well (tho there's still no substitute for you man)
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i will disagree with one point, and agree with another. i just won't say which is which. ;)
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LOL you sly bugger
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wow great job here man
so much pencil mileage!

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thanks man. now i gotta ink that sucka.
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INK? ctl L and darken that bish (j/k)
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hahahaha. i so should do that.
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That's just fantastic! Awesomesauce all over.

i wonder if someone will ever put colors on this...*rolleyes*
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if i ever get off my ass and finish it. ;)
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I like this. These look like G1 TransFormers evolved. Don's just dive way too far into the movie aesthetic, and the colors/inks we've seen so far haven't done the images any favors.
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This only gets more awesome every time I look at it.

..damnit, I'm stuck looking at it. Again. >8/
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