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absolute badass.

well i should have been doing some of my other work, but i felt like i wanted to finish this pic first.
so here we have animated starscream in all his spongebob glory. i still can't believe he's the voice for SS. its cool.
well yeah, another pic that took a bit of time to color. not as long as the sari/bumblebee pic, but it took a good chunk of time.
well, i'm not sure who i'll draw next. maybe another pic of sari, this time with the dinobots? not sure?

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Ikindasee some elements of TFP's Starscream in this art. I can't explain why though...but awesome job nonetheless!
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Funny since I did this way before TFP came out.  Guess you could say TFP's Screamer had elements of TFA's Screamer :)
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Well...I'd say yes and no. But I definitely prefer the TFA body way better than the TFP body he has...
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The toy accuracy! It burns!
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Great work! It was a good design for him.
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that is awesome and truly beautiful
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"*jawdrop* I look... Beautiful..." oh joy, now he's gonna be staring at this pic until his optics fall out...
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Fantastic job!! :thumbsup: :clap:
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I quote the title.

Absolute Badass!
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I'm taking a shot in the dark here... Is the gargoyle-ish thing Screamer's standing on supposed to be an homage to the giant purple griffin creature from G1?

Excellent work here, btw. Colors are well blended, and the details are astounding.
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i have seen this one somewhere
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nice, i love is pose.
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Awesome! <3333
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Oh my! :wow: Awsomeness!
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I love the detail. more detail than is in the show.
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...whoa. Hehe, hey Hasbro, you listening? We want an exclusive TFA Starscream that looks like THIS when transformed. I didn't think somebody could make a TFA Starscream look so sinister.
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Hehe... Absolutely good:[link]
Freaking YES. This is one of the best pics of animated Starscream I've ever seen, all of the mechanical elements really give it a lot of depth. The pose couldn't be better in my opinion, it looks like he's about to jump off and plow through someone at near mach 3 with those claws of his! You also managed to capture his expression amazingly, and since I simply can't express it any other way, I FREAKING LOVE THIS.
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Looks like a mix of TFA and G1. Love it.
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