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Voltron: FTA issue 1 cover

By markerguru
This is my cover to the new Voltron comic being produced by Dynamite Entertainment.
Voltron: From the Ashes is a 6 issue mini series which I will be doing the covers for.
I can't tell you how much fun it is to work on these and another property that I grew up with as a child.
As Always Josh Perez, my colleague in crime is with me to provide my lines with the most awesome of colours :) I always happy working with him :)
Issue 1 hits comic shelves on September 16th

Lineart by :iconmarkerguru: That's me ;p
Colours by :icondyemooch: That be he ;p

Voltron:FTA©Dynamite Entertainment

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© 2015 - 2021 markerguru
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universes legendary defender.
morfeoink's avatar
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He's standing tall and proud. ;)
Mortal--Demon's avatar
HAHAHAA you should draw the shit one with the cars just fer shits n giggles!
markerguru's avatar
I kinda like the look of that one.
Mortal--Demon's avatar
Not me cats all the way! To each his own!
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Man, I love how you made Voltron look so ancient and battle worn here, like he has seen thousands of battles (I know that he has but that's besides the point).
Sharpman01's avatar
Makes ya wonder how long the old Lion has been waiting for...
Mr-Pink-Rose's avatar
Very nice/cool cover art!  Looks like he's tangled with a few too many robeasts!
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The Defender of the Universe looks awesome.
Great work you two.
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This first cover of voltron is amazing I am so excited to get the first comic book of voltron from the ashes!
cubbieberry's avatar
Voltron looks so badass! 🙌 love it!👍
Somvold's avatar
Glad that you have fun working on this as both of you have done a tremendous job here.
GeneralMechanics's avatar
So great to see you working on Voltron, but he's posing like he's signing up for the Lost Light!
Dairugger's avatar
Great depiction of Golion!
KaijuDuke's avatar
"Salutes" godspeed oh defender of the universe, you the mech! :D

Excellent work on the first combining super robot I was ever exposed to as a kid, gotta love Voltron :3
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