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Ultra Magnus lineart

By markerguru
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one of many new pictures i've been working on
this time it's of ultra magnus.
i decided to go with the new IDW ongoing look for him because i enjoy that redesign by Don and i had a lof of fun drawing him in ongoing.
so this is my take on him


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Can i paint him in another colour scheme ?
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awesome drawing of Ultra Magnus :D
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Ultra magnus is badass,

he is epic in the 1960's cartoon/manga movie!^^
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The redesign is TOTALLY awesome...Superb work!!
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I know this piece! The lines are sexy sexy sexy sexy, man!!
I gotta say that your being on Ongoing has pumped up your artwork x10, Alex. 'Tis sexy work that you do.
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thanks man. i try to do better then what i've done before. not sure how i will top issues 22 and 23, but i'm sure i will try :D
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Amazing take for sure.
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You didn't have to win my heart with already had it....
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i have to make sure i stomp out the competition for it ;p
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Ultra Magnus is so awesome, so how come there isn't more stuff on him? Fucking Michael Bay, where is Ultra Magnus?!
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i think sentinel prime was originally called ultra magnus, but thats just something really early on.
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yeah, maybe. But since then, Ultra Magnus has definitely become his own character.
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it is an epic design :D
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Don's the man for epic designs :D
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I know you are crazy busy but... Please color that!!

That rocks!!
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oh, it's been colored
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lol my sister, not a TF fan, calls Ultra Magnus "That guy with the shoulders that you want to push down."
Nice posing here. He looks ready to kick somebody's afterparts.
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Absolutely friggin' GORGEOUS!! I'm a HUGE Magnus fan, so this makes me all kinds of happy.
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well i'm glad you like it :)
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Ultra Magnus: I don't have time for cover shots....
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lol. that is so true :D
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Cool one of Ultra Magnus here
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