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Ultra Magnus colours

By markerguru
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one of the last new prints that i have made for TFcon
this time its of ultra magnus.
i gotta say i had a lot of fun working on this image
and it's always fun working with my man Josh Perez.
i gotta say he did an amazing job on this piece.
like i mentioned with the lineart, i really like this design for magnus, and i like it even more now that it's been coloured.

lineart :iconmarkerguru: that be me :)
colours :icondyemooch: he be a colouring fury these days :D

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Awesome work as always!
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Waaaah*-* I love this artClap La la la la 
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I don't think anyone can draw the Transformers like you!
All hail Megatron was bad ass.
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From the "For All Mankind" story, right?
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He's a very courageous Autobot.
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Everytime I see fantastic Ultra Magnus fanartsthe song from the commercial plays in my head:

"Ultra Magnus rolls into action to take on the Decepticons that no one else can!"
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You do this Autobot a lotta justice.
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I'm a mega transformers fanatic! This is a great depiction on ultra magnus...
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Looks like UM is gonna kick some Decepticon butt.
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This is one of the best transformer designs I have seen. Excellent work of art. Ultra Magnus rocks!!
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Every time I look at the picture, I just wish the entire image was not cut off, all body part visible, and no background. I want to hang on my wall. I hope some 3rd parties would make it as toy and I'll purchase it.
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I am now married to this picture.
In my mind.

Good enough. :heart:

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.............................Speechless. How do you do this stuff man!?
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I'm still wondering when Takara will give us a True Masterpiece Ultra Magnus and not another stupid repaint of MP Prime.
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i wonder that myself
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