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Transformers Lost Light issue 5 Sub cover colours

By markerguru
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Here is the cover I drew for issue 5 of Lost Light
I didn't know what was going on it the book, nor did I want to either since my cover was a sub cover it didn't really need to be anything that was story related.  I did make this cover based on the setting the story takes place in, so the functionaries and a lot of functionist messages all around with people having their heads replaced with tv screens in the background.  Very bleak feeling which I wanted.
Colours provided by the talented Josh Perez. 

lines by :iconmarkerguru: this is me
colours by :icondyemooch: magical burrito of colours

Transformers © Hasbro
TF: Lost Light © IDW Publsihing

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© 2017 - 2020 markerguru
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Ei, when will you get back on TF? Hehe
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Well I was on a TF book doing ROM vs Transformers.  I also doing the Unicron book, so I'm still on TF books
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Thanks for sharing this -- I never really got to see it elsewhere. 
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They are the law!

Yes, the functionist universe is not a nice place. 
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You certainly have pulled it off well otherwise tremendous job from both of you as always.
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I like the Judge Dredd inspiration for the designs, I wonder who came up with that idea? 
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is that an EYE or a T-COG?
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Judge Dredd-bots! :D
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Nice Dreddbots
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These guys look so awesome!

They look like Robo Judge Dredds to me, and I love their armour and weaponry designs so much!

Apparently, they are known as Functionaries. 
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Yes I know what they are known as.
I did mention them in the description
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I love the reference and they look so cool!
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These 'bots mean business.
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They look like Judges from Judge dredd. Which is cool! :)
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Thats what I based them on when designing them.
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Nice! Always good to see ideas taken from that universe.
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The text on the screens give off a very creepy cultish vibe! Well done!
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I love that they designed the cops to look like Judge Dredd.
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I designed them to look that way since I felt that was a appropriate feel for that universe and I also like Dredd :)
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