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Transformers Lost Light issue 4 Sub cover colours

By markerguru
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Here is the cover I drew for issue 4 of Lost Light
I didn't know what was going on it the book, nor did I want to either since my cover was a sub cover it didn't really need to be anything that was story related so I decided on just doing a standard pin up style image of characters from the series.
I did know that this story had a bit more focus on Megatron and that he was going to leave the series around the end of the arch so I wanted to do a cover that focused on him a bit more.
Here we have him standing along side his mentor Terminus on top of a matrix.  Basically it was to symbolize that the current Megatron could have easily been chosen by the maxtrix to lead his people to a new way of life.
He also symbolizes a great threat to the functionist way of life and how they run things.
Colours provided by the talented Josh Perez.  He has been my right hand man when it comes to colours.  I really like how he handled this piece.

lines by :iconmarkerguru: this is me
colours by :icondyemooch: magical burrito of colours

Transformers © Hasbro
TF: Lost Light © IDW Publsihing

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That looks like megatron on the left
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That's because it IS Megatron. Read the description.
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Nice work on all the cogs on the Functionalist!
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A somewhat fitting cover as both of you have done a tremendous job with this.
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AWESOME! as always ,
Recently seen few artist making megatron without the canon on his forearm, any particular reason for it just design thing.

To me it's one of megatron's signature thing.
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I guess you don't read the IDW comics?
When Megatron decided to switch sides to the Autobots he destroyed his fusion canon as that was a key symbol of his past life and a symbol of the war to some. 
It wasn't until issue 54 of MTMTE that a new canon was created for him to use but that was later destoryed again and the remainder of it dissembled.
If people are drawing Meg's without the canon it is possible MTMTE/ Lost Light fan art that they are drawing.
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Thanks for clarifying that , not really following recently (few years).
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This is pretty rad.
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Fuck the functionists!
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Megatron with the Matrix? Woah...That would be interesting to see.
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Well, he is no longer that Megatron...
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awesome collaboration  :D
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