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Transformers Lost Light issue 3 Sub cover colours

Here is the cover I drew for issue 3 of Lost Light
I didn't know what was going on it the book, nor did I want to either since my cover was a sub cover it didn't really need to be anything that was story related so I decided on just doing a standard pin up style image of characters from the series.
I prefer doing covers this way since nothing story wise is spoiled on the cover and it also can work for a print if I desired to make one.
Colours provided by the talented Josh Perez.  He has been my right hand man when it comes to colours.  I really like how he handled this piece.

lines by :iconmarkerguru: this is me
colours by :icondyemooch: magical burrito of colours

Transformers © Hasbro
TF: Lost Light © IDW Publsihing

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© 2017 - 2021 markerguru
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So what’s the deal with swerves gun? Why dose it look like a toy?
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Because that was a running joke in the series and he had small hands so needed a gun like a little kid would have.

Oh I’m guessing it came from when he couldn’t use the “shoomer” that whirl tossed him in issue 12 of mtmte?
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they are th best team up I ever seen
DanLuna's avatar
Cyclones got some nice horns
Sharpman01's avatar
Make him look like a Viking lord honestly now that I look at em.
ailgara's avatar
I love the long ears of hare of Cyclonus x3 
LudmilaMorais's avatar
definitely one of my favorite covers ever!
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Awesome!... Swerve's MFB get some upgrades :D
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Cyclonus is most definitely looking his best.
Artja's avatar
Damn, son. Dammmnnn...
cheenot's avatar
AW man you guys always nail it. <3 
JohnnyFive81's avatar
All your favourites - who have been sent to the pokey to make way for Anode and Lug!  Yaay.
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Indeed otherwise both of you have done a tremendous job here.
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That's awesome, thank you.
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"since nothing story wise is spoiled on the cover"

I saw Tailgate and got my hopes up, only to have them dashed. =( (Sad) 
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This was from issue 3 when he was still around.
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I love how that one Autobot has Tools for Wolverine-Style Claws.
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my son swerve looking so badass with his fisher-price blaster <3
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