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Tfcon 2011 comic pg04

this was fun. i really liked the characters of toxin. it was very fun to draw a robotic snake headbot :D i took some liberties with how he moves around and can extend parts of his body, but i felt it worked well with the fiction :)

note: this was created before the final for stronghold was shown, so he appears a bit different then the toy from the con, but it still works for the comic well :)

this was from the TFcon convention comic i worked on and had the good fortune to have my pal Josh Perez to colour this project.

lineart :iconmarkerguru: that be me :D
colours :icondyemooch: he is too good ;)


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I love the way you made Toxin look here. The added length in bodyform really makes him appear (rightfully, unfortunately for Loafer) lethal. And the Chromedome bodyform has never looked better. The whole comic is a treat. Well done sir.
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thanks. glad you enjoyed it :)
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Bad day for Loafer hehe
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Your friend Josh is so amazing at coloring :) Just thought I'd agree with you on that one X)
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Amazing artwork and great coloring. I love the snake bot.
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So that's how Toxin came into the picture! :D
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Glad that you have fun working on this one as you have done quite a job with the sequences besides the paneling.
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