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TFcon 2011 comic pg06

this was a fun page to work on
not often i get a chance to draw fort max :) even if it isn't his robot mode, it's still pretty sweet to draw.

this was from the TFcon convention comic i worked on and had the good fortune to have my pal Josh Perez to colour this project.

lineart :iconmarkerguru: that be me :D
colours :icondyemooch: he is too good ;)


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Awesome comic art of Fortress Maximus, I think I like it.
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Fortress Maximus looks so stunning. :)
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Great home away from home. The two "Ark" shuttles add the icing on the cake. :-)
Harley-1979's avatar
That's amazing how you kept the look of his functionality in this page
Optimutt's avatar
This is beautiful!
You don't understand man...I HAD this toy. I got him when I was four...he was taller than me. Ah, memories. Awesome.
hellbat's avatar
Love this page.
JP-V's avatar
I bet this was fun, you really got the scales looking like accurate to the shuttles and Fort Max and really like the overall drawn perspective. Colouring is impressive with clear but nice soft light and shades. Well done!
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You are the most amazing TF artist I've ever had the pleasure to lay eyes upon.
Novastorm73's avatar
Wow that looks fantastic. Having the Autobot shuttles parked there really shows how humongous FortMax really is!
Aeoline's avatar
Being a first Gen Transfomers fan and I love Maxims, this is a great job. I love the Head Masters.
nekoyatuneta's avatar
Oh dear.....
It real age of head master(US G1 S4).........
Somvold's avatar
Indeed and tremendous job as always from both of you.
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Wow, This one is my favorite page, and there are no robot-modes in it! it just came out gorgeous.
MegaO93's avatar
man i want to be your aprentice...
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