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TFcon 2011 comic pg02

ok, this page was a lot of fun
it's not every day i get to draw the headmasters i really like.
lots of fun here. maybe a bit too much fun ;p

note: this was created before the final for stronghold was shown, so he appears a bit different then the toy from the con, but it still works for the comic well :)

this was from the TFcon convention comic i worked on and had the good fortune to have my pal Josh Perez to colour this project.

lineart :iconmarkerguru: that be me :D
colours :icondyemooch: he is too good ;)


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HOLY SLAGG, ITS MY AVATAR IN ACTUAL COMIC!!! Got any more images, I'm always giddy to see Powered Commander in any comic form. When does this story take place, and does anyone points out how he "resembles" Ultra Magnus LOL?
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Simply awesome
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Diaclone Magnus!!!!!
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Let the plasma fly! :D
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So cool w/Diaclone Ultra Magnus and Chromedome!! :D
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That's really intense and tremendous job as always from both of you.
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Q: What Are we Shooting at?!?

A(?): Don't know?... Brainstorm just started shooting, so we all joined in....

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I'm assuming this is a flashback cuz... isnt hardhead dead?
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this has nothing to do with the idw comics at all. this was a comic done for TFcon, the Canadian transformers convention. it has nothing to do with anything IDW has made.
sorry if it confused you :)
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AH! Gotcha! Excellent work as usual!
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can i use one head to a icon? ºuº
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in the second panel, the guys who is near from Diaclone Ultra Magnus

Sorry i dont know their names
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what are you going to use it for? and where?
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on facebook as an icon its because i like how it looks =)
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Thank you :iconbiggrinplz: but what his name ?
just for know
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