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TFcon 2009 poster lineart

By markerguru
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so here is the lineart for a poster i did for the upcoming TFcon.
its a combo of both the classics and universe 2 toyline. not all the characters are there, but most of them.
there were a few tweaks i made just to give the poster a different feel to it.
i changed devastators face and hand to give it a more g1 feel. also the hand just fit better for the grabbing look i wanted.
i changed the arms on rumble to give him his classic piledrivers.
i added a few weapons that some of the characters had from the original toyline, and added lazerbeak. i mean, whats soundwave without lazerbeak?
just figured i'd show this off to create some buzz for the show.
hope to have the colors for this up next week or so.
hope to see you at the show
here is a link to the show to find out all the info about it.


TFcon2009 is saturday april 25th, and sunday april 26th.
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Solziv General Artist
O.O Where does the patience to draw this come from?
markerguru's avatar
craziness ;p
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Solziv General Artist
Ah, a good ally.
markerguru's avatar
very true :3
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Solziv General Artist
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Ho.. lee.. crap... I can't even imagine drawing one of these robots so cleanly... let alone like a gajillion!! did you ink this traditionally or on photoshop?
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Heh I kinda realized that after I asked when I read :Traditional Media" on top. All the same though, badass. Hopefully I'll be able to ink like this one day..
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You sir diserve 21 gun salute for this masterpiece.
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Incredible! The amount of detail is amazing!
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DeathChronxStudent General Artist
This is amazing, I don't even know if I would have the patience to even attempt something like this.
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spidermoizHobbyist Digital Artist
i need someone to name them because i am going to color this and I dont know all the formers
markerguru's avatar
ummm, your not going to color it without permission i hope.
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spidermoizHobbyist Digital Artist
ofcourse i cant color it witou the artis's permission i need to know the names first before I even think about coloring it
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you mind if i add some colour to this matey
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cliffjumper's huge aft gun returns! (that episode was so memorable with cliffjumper pulling a gun bigger than himself outta nowhere)
and yay little bumblebee in the foreground!
geez the attention to the little details while keeping a sense of controlled chaos and interaction are enough to blow my mind away
skywarp in mid teleportation
skyfire/jetfire vs starscream
the little headphones rumble and frenzy
2 soundwaves and two megatrons?! (well granted it's soundblaster and galvatron, but still!!! mindblowing! )
the group of minibots at prime's feet
the twins fighting off Devastator
this is great man, and it looks lovely with Dyemooch's colors
as an amateur artist/fan, i am in awe of your awesomeness
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The linework is amazing. Great combination of characters. I love that you put in Megatron AND Galvatron
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R2OverdriveProfessional Traditional Artist
wowww that mustve taken long!great work!that would be a crazy fight
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:worship: You are a god for drawing this!
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Shinju-the-GluttonHobbyist Photographer
So. Much. Detail!

Dear gawds, man, my eyes hurt just looking, but I can't look away, it's that freakin' awesome!

...the color's going to be torture for the poor soul who has to do it though...poor person...

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Wow Alex, just WOW O_O
This is AMAZING, dude! :faint:
You're a machine! Can't wait to see it in colors. Poor Josh XD
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yeah. i felt sorry for him after i drew this.
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Bad, baaaad Alex. u.ú tsc tsc
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dmarioProfessional Digital Artist
i just had an orgasm.
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