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TFcon 2009 poster colors

Please leave a comment on :icondyemooch: josh's image aswell. he put a lot of work into it. also, clikc his download image to get a large size of the image :)

so here are the colors for the TFcon 2009 poster which will be available this weekend at the show.
i think josh :icondyemooch: did an amazing job on the colors for this picture. i know it was driving him insane working on it, and i give him high praise for being able to get it done for the show.
anyhoo, this is a pic with both the classic's toyline, and the new universe toyline. we picked between the regular american release colors, and the japanese release colors for some of the figures.
now one of the characters is a fanpainted character named artfire. he's the second inferno in the image. i just liked the way the character looked, and i liked that toy that i had to add it in.
here is a link to the toy repaint :) [link]

some other noticeable differences are the new face i gave devastator, plus a new hand. i felt it looked better this way for what i have him doing.
i changed the heads of roadbuster, dragstrip, and inferno to give them a more classic g1 feel also.
well TFcon is this weekend. i hope if you can make it to see you all there. it should be a fun show.
here is a link with all the details. [link]

until the weekend :)

lineart :iconmarkerguru: that be me :)
colors :icondyemooch: that be the man that went insane coloring this beast ;)


TFcon 2009 is April 25th and 26th
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Amazing work! Also, can someone tell who is that Optimus evil lookalike with purple sword near Megatron?


HMB-BellyBomb's avatar
So many hot bots have been caught in this shot. I love it! 
finishingthefight's avatar
I love cliffjumper pulling out a giant ass canon like he always does
Vornell's avatar
one word, Epicness!
aestheticreations's avatar
Dude this rocks. I was looking for an image I can show the different between G1 and Classics lines for a collector display and I found this. Awesome work!
TF-chaser's avatar
it's so epic. that's all that comes to my mind right now.
ultimatede's avatar
This is so epic, the scale of it is mindboggling. Great work by both of you!
Midway2009's avatar
the ultimate battle!! :)
Taj-P's avatar
Necro-Ambrosiaster's avatar
My absolute Favorite thing that you have done!
PyjamaPrime's avatar
defnitely needs an update now with all of the new figures out lol. far in the background is that Dinobot and Cheetor?
Novastorm73's avatar
Incredible detail and I like the location.
MrRestless's avatar
EPIC. Great Work
the-mapet's avatar
Amazing, epic battle!!!
jalalthedragonborn's avatar
Who are on the cliffs, above Hot Shot
Mewphantom's avatar
Dinobot and Cheetor.
jalalthedragonborn's avatar
Ok.. what about behind onslaught?
Mewphantom's avatar
....Which one is Onslaught again?
jalalthedragonborn's avatar
Uuuuuummmm... I don't know how to describe him -_____-
Mewphantom's avatar
What color is he?
jalalthedragonborn's avatar
Uuuuuummmm he's at the bottom right, and he's purple and/or black
Mewphantom's avatar
I don't know who that is.
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