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TFW2005 Movie Boombox colors

By markerguru
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here is the colored version of movie boombox
i asked my friend josh perez :icondyemooch: to color this pic again since we've been working on movie tf's for a while now.
i think he did a amazing job on the colors for this pic.

oh, if i didn't mention in the lineart. boombox has a remote with his alt mode. well since it's movie verse, i just made that into a little robot too.
enjoy :)

lineart :iconmarkerguru: that be me :)
colors :icondyemooch: he be crazy with da colors :D

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yo– this an oc or a real character?
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It's TFW2005's OC Boombox
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Nice Transformer ! :invisible:
Great work. :+fav:
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Love thsi transformer! really very good :)

i do some myself as a matter of fact. but yeh, i faved becasue its awesome :P
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thanks :) glad you like it.
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I would really love to try doing something like that.
would you mind if I do one piece thats slightly like the one you just did? :)
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as long as it doesn't look like mine, you can do whatever you want. it's not hard to come up with different designs in the movie style.
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I understand. Once I finished my piece, maybe I might show to ya and see what you think of it.

anyways, busy busy with other stuff now. :(
btw, I take your Bumblebee artwork as my personal favourate. :D

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he look like Optimus!
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Oh maaan, how rockin' is this?

I don't think "extremely" is going to cut it. XD The colours are fantastic, and I'm just really loving how meticulously sharp and clean the lines are. The pose is fantastic, too! Awesome work, as always. <3
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Kickass pic.

I can't help but think of Battimus Prime when I see this.

Erm.. I mean the original Optimus Primal figure mold... which happened to be a bat.
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sweet, but from far away it kinda looks like jazz with optimus's head
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I remember Boombox I just don't remember his remotes name.....
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yeah. jp did a pretty sweet job on this. i felt sorry for giving him this. it has lots of lines ;)
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This was really detailed. And the colouring was also very outstanding. Whats the software and filter that ur friend use?
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you should ask him :)
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Awesome work guys, I really loved it :D!
Whenever I watch both of your artworks, I'm deeply impressed.
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Reaaaaally awesome, guys! :#1:
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josh is the man.
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