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TF3 shockwave

so this was another sketch for the same fan who keeps getting me to draw all the different shockwaves out there. makes me wonder how many more i'll have to do??? anyways this if from the DOTM movie. it was a lot of fun to work on, but also hard since he's got this textured patterning on him that i wanted to try out.

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You did well with Bayverse Shockwave. :3
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I find your drawing of Shockwave to be... logical. just like him.
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What a monstrosity...

And I mean that in the best possible way :)
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you sir finally got it right
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wooaw.... I love your drawn
but you forget Shockwave's tentacles XD
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amazing as ever.
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. . . . Eaaaugh! Creepy! AWESOME! :D
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hey do you think generation 1 is better
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Does want! :iconshockwaveplz: Sooo awesome!
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Amazing details as always and hope your friend will like it.
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Woah! I love you for that! Could you send me a message how much a commission would cost? I'm very interested in.
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send me a note about this so i won't forget if your interested. i would send you one right now, i'm just a little busy and will get back to you in a couple days if thats ok :)
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Kickass work! Looks like he'll need a lot of Autobots to kill!
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*Growls* "Optimus!"

Sadly, he only looked the part. Other than shooting Optimus, he didn't do a damn thing. :(

But nice job! :D Badass!
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Nice. I may not like the movie that whole much, but I do have say that he looks a lot more terrifying then he did in the original and in Animated.
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WOW love all the detail :D
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fantastic as always.
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Shockwave is the best ever.
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