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TF sketchbook cover

By markerguru
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the cover to my own little sketchbook. pretty sweet :D
so this was originally intended to be a new cover for the TPB for tf ongoing revenge of the decepticons trade.
i offered to do this cover for free since i really wanted to make a new cover for the trade since i never got a chance to do a cover for issue 16-18 that i worked on. i also like giving back to the tf community in some way, and i thought a new cover would be nice.
but i guess IDW decided to use it as as the Alex Milne sketchbook cover, which is pretty cool too ;p . this book will be coming out with ongoing 23 i do believe so i guess ask your comic shop if your interested in picking it up :) not sure if it's a retailer incentive or not, so you'll have to ask.
here is a link from the realtedadams yfrog: [link]
got to work with the awesome Josh Perez on this. i gotta love his work on this. it was amazing to see what he did with this, and it carried this style with the ongoing covers for 22 and 23.
really great stuff by him :)
enjoy :)

lineart: :iconmarkerguru: that be me
colours: :icondyemooch: he be too great for words

transformers: Alex Milne sketchbook©IDW Publishing
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I bet Optimus is saying It's just you and me Megatron.
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Convoy20Hobbyist Interface Designer
This is epic will watch for this Issue 
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julian0123Hobbyist Writer
One of the most epic covers I've seen :wow:
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Best Prime picture I could find!~Hope you don't mind me using it as an avatar..
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Looks like somebot's got their optic on Megatron.
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NR83Hobbyist Artist
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So in love with this
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I would buy this in a heartbeat.
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Ha-HeePrimeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Alex, if you ever sell prints of this, I will buy one instantly. Just sayin'.
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Scarstar9Hobbyist General Artist
I absolutely LOVE this
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Fantastic piece of work!
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BDixonartsProfessional Digital Artist
I remember seeing this before and man it is too cool ;) great job on this guys :)
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J-RaynerHobbyist General Artist
I like it :D
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redconvoyHobbyist Traditional Artist
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SilvaWolf248Hobbyist Digital Artist
WOAH, I'm absolutely MINEBLOWN!!!! :o :DD
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DarkPanik General Artist
I honestly squealed. I'm not even kidding. lol It's just so badass! I just love how worn Optimus looks. Its great detail. :3
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arceeenergonProfessional Digital Artist

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Where can I get a copy of your sketchbook? It's not like many local comic shops here bring IDW's stuff (original US editions I mean)...
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i have no idea. the thing is hard to find even where i am. i guess the best bet is ebay or something like that.
sucks i know, but thats all i can think of :C
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Sorry to bother you again. You mean you don't have a bunch of copies of your own that you can sell? :(
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i only have one copy and i had to buy that from my LCS
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CWingSyunProfessional General Artist
love this man. Such a simple concept but so epically presented!
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Very well detailed, well done :D
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