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TF TOTF the Fallen alt cover

By markerguru
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so i just saw this up on Chris Ryall's blog, so i guess i can show it here too.
this cover was a cool one to work on. i tried to make the fallen look like he did in the movie, but i added his glowy parts.
all of these covers have been pretty fun to work on thus far.

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Oh baby that's beautiful. I always wondered if you ever did art from the movies. :D
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Wow, nice goin' Megatronus
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He looks cooler then I recalled  for the movie ......
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I've seen that IN TFWIKI
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that's just cool!
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Thats funny, i just saw this at comic book store today XD it looks awesome man...i jus hope they explain where the Allspark came from...
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well i just did the cover. i'm not a fan of the interior art. colors are good.
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i went through the comic...if u did ALL the illistrations, i sure as HELL wouldve bought it. your art work is awesome.
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well i did all of ravage and arcee. hopefully you'll like the way they turned out?
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Dude, ALL your work is awesome.
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I've got the comic with this! I love how the fallen looks!
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I really like fire effects here:)
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thanks. that was hard for me to do since i'm not that good with effects right now.
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I would never guess that you had some difficulties with it!
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Did you color these covers too?
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the only cover i didn't color for this series was the jetfire one. all the others i did.
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I REALLY like this one. The fire and symbols are really cool. I like how the symbols are like, glowing TBH.
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Whoa! I love this one! Gotta say I love the glowy bits!
The composition and patterns is fiction-y art nouveau!
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he looks like this alien guy from the movie ALIEN!
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I like the glowy bits. The fallen after all should always be on fire.
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Wicked! I couldn't help but decide to make my new bicycle Fallen-themed one day (black with some flames, plus decorations), but is it okay if I borrow his face for the decoration please? :)
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