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TF TOTF Sideswipe alt cover

just saw this online, so i guess its ok to put up here.
so this is the cover i did to the second issue of TF tales of the fallen.
this time the story is about sideswipe, and ironhide will also be in it. not sure what the story is like, or what will happen since all i'm doing is covers.
had fun with this one.
enjoy :)

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Him and Bee were my legit faves.
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my mind just melted
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sideswipe awesome!!!!!
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The Cybertronian on all these looks really awesome. I got a tattoo of the one in the upper left... everyone tried to talk me out of it. :giggle:
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Where do you get these symbols from? Do you make them yourself?
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i have all the movie symbols.
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I love them. I've been looking for them everywhere but no one has them.
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Uhhh :dummy:

Its fucking amazing
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Great idea with doing this covers in Art Nouveau style. It's one of my favourite styles and it looks surprisingly fitting with movie-TF aesthetics.
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thanks. glad you like it :)
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Wonderful art. ^^

-is silently hoping for Sunstreaker-
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So gorgeous! Picked up the comic today, I'm making a point to getting all the covers that you did. I was just drooling over the Bumblebee one so I was absolutely thrilled to see that issue two and three had covers by you too. They are just so fabulous and I love the design layout. I'm so jealous! K I'll stop sucking your feet now. But still.

Do you know how many books are coming out in total?
markerguru's avatar
6 in total.
bumblebee, sideswipe, jetfire, the fallen, ravage, and arcee.
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DAMN he's good.
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I kind of like this one better than the other one. This one gives a better feel of what Sideswipe is like for me.
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Alex, these covers are fantastic. The art nouveau style really compliments the sharp lines in the character designs. REALLY well done.

I'll definitely be picking these up. Thanks for sharing them!
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i guess we can also thank Chris Ryall for showing them off also. if he didn't, they wouldn't have been up this early.
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Heh, I actually already did leave a reply in his blog thanking him. It's really great to see the covers all lined up together at once. They do flow really nice. And the textures, especially in the Fallen cover, are fantastic.
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wow awesome designs
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tales of the fallen??? O.o
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holy shiz! Jeez you're good!
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