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TF TOTF Jetfire alt cover

i know that this cover was shown off at san diego. i just didn't want to show it off before i showed the sideswipe one. i want them in order.
this is the only cover i didn't get to color because i was really busy with other work, but i left it is the capable hand of josh perez. he always does good work for me :)
this book should be out in october sometime.

lineart :iconmarkerguru: that be me :D
colors :icondyemooch: he colors good :)

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awesome. Shows off this character just great! And, he is the coollest trasformer in that flick :D
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this is good, its better than good, its great, its better than great, its awsome, its better than awsome, its F****** FREAKING AWSOME!!!(i'm done)

"DeCePtIcOnS sUpErIoR"
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Loved him in the movie.
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Jetfire will always be my favorite.
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I love all of these covers so I'm a bit at loss wich to comment to. But you really took the whole cyber-art deco composition and made it home.

They are great.
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glad you like them.
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Jetfire eqauls awesomeness.

Plus, if the X-Men's plane transformed, it'd look like Jetfire. How is that not cool?!
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Just awesome!
I wish there were posters with your covers for TOTF!
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no posters. maybe if i ever do an artbook i'll throw them in there.
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That would be really great!
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Very nice cover. It has that great ancient feel to it that Jetfire is supposed to have. Personally, I like this design better than the final one that was used in the movie.

The little SR-71 Blackbird on the bottom is a great touch.
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Whoah, I LOVE the silhouette at the bottom! All these covers give me shivers! The detail of the robots mixed with the rather simple designs all around them; that and the Cybertronian script... Did they give you a stack of Cybertronian characters that you could use? Or perhaps even a full list with translation? That would be crazy!
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wow amayzing job!!!!!!
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Awesome detailing and pose - I really like the Cybertronian background and the circular emblem :thumbsup:
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Who knew that Transformers became British as they got older? :iconbritishplz:
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Another amazing job from both you and Josh for sure.
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One of my faves from the movie.
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