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TF TOTF Bumblebee alt cover

By markerguru
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this was shown off at the idw panel at botcon this past weekend. so i guess i can show it off here.

this is the first issue of the tales of the fallen series which idw is producing this summer. this issue deals with bumblebee and sam.
this is the alt cover for the book. idw wanted a more designed feel for this cover, so this is what i came up with.
i also did the colors for this which was a bit of a treat for me. i'm slowly learning all this stuff which i try to work into the image.


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frickle frack this is gorgeous
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Cool! I love bee :)
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:heart: Nice, nice, nice! I really love it.
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These are my favourite of all the IDW covers, I love the slightly Mucha-style design cues.
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Hi There :wave:
I have featured your work in my journal dedicated to deviations posted in 2009 :) You can view it at the link below:


Thank you for sharing your art with us! :heart: I look forward to seeing more from you in 2010!
aka `oibyrd
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Are you allowed to use Shia labeouf's likeness for this cover, because it doesn't remind me of him an awful lot. But an excellent cover either way!
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i'm not sure, but the last time i was doing the movie books i was told not to use there exact likeness for legal rights. besides, i don't think for a comic i should have to make him look like the actor. its a comic, why not have fun drawing it instead of being bogged down with likeness. as long as it has a few things the same it should be good enough. i prefer style over realistic for comics. if you want realistic, thats what the movie is for.
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Oh, interesting! It hints towards Art Nouveau, but you look closer and it's Cybertron hyroglyphs! THIS IS GREAT!
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Bumblebee rocks.

Never mind the little brat at bottom.:)
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amazing!!!!!! great work! love bumblebee!
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Wow! Marvelous work! :)
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GREAT job on Bumblebee here!

By thy side,

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Are you doing the rest of the covers in the TOTF series (Sideswipe, Jetfire, The Fallen, Arcee, Ravage) in the same "designed" style? That would be awesome.
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Nicely done ^^ Love the way it's been colored =)
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love how you drew bumblebee's arms!! >w<
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Wouldn't it be TF:ROTF >_>....
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no, because it's not the movie. its a series called tales of the fallen. so TOTF
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i dont know why :) but bumble is the best... :)
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as always great work.

i made the mistake of reading the movie adaptation comic.

i dont know if I even want to see this movie now.

it will be a brainless pile of crap like the first one :(
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