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TF Ongoing issue 23 cover B

so i thought i'd start the hype for isuse 23 now since it will be out on the 10th of August i believe?

i saw this on twitter a while back while back on therealteadadams yfrog pic. so i felt now that it is August for me, it would be cool to show it off and get some hype going for the book
link to where i saw it online :) [link]

this was a lot of fun to do. like the megatron covers, this is a duel prime cover, one showing him in the past, one in the present
this be prime in the past, or orion pax ;p

i gotta say that Josh Perez did a fabulos job on these covers. this one have all the textures that make it look like primes been through a lot, even way back before the great war started.

this issue of ongoing was amazing to work on.
there was so much to draw. i gotta say that James Roberts really packed this issue full of greatness.
if you liked issue 22, then i'm sure you'll like issue 23 :)
also it was great working with Joana on these books. she really outdid herself with them. i'm grateful to have worked with her on this project :)
well, enjoy :)

lineart :iconmarkerguru: that be me ;p
colours :icondyemooch: he be so great at what he does :)

story by: James Roberts. you must read his stuff. you won't regret it.
lineart by: myself (Alex Milne)
colours by: Joana Lafuente

transformers Ongoing issue 23© IDW publishing
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I can't even comprehend the level of detail on this, if I think about it for too long I may explode. Honestly, this has got to be, one of my favorite, IF NOT my all time favorite Optimus Prime piece in existence. 
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glad you enjoy it :)
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Awesome sauce! ^.^
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.. Oh hell yeah.
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these details (eye) and de other, which looks really terrific. :omfg:
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cool neck details haha
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ooh bow wow, it's very impressive
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you two are so epicly awesome when you work together!!! :w00t:

I love this amazing pic! my favourite part is totally his optic, looks so real and great!
Interesting that you're going for the facemask for Orion Pax when past "appearances" (Megatron: Origin, Spotlight: Blurr) featured him without it. Looks awesome nevertheless :)
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something you don't know about megatron origins is that Pax has a extra head piece or helmet that covers the regular head and has the faceplate. not seen very clearly in the shot he's seen in, but thats what i intended from the start all those years ago.
but for the most part, James and IDW wanted him to look that way, so i do what they want :)
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Again another AWESOME display of what happens when you and JOSH are on art duties...

You can beat this!
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Great work, on both covers :D
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I love all the detail in this! Great work!

By thy side,

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amazing artwork :)
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I love the textures and the eyes.
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Issue 22 was MEGA-great. Read it a few moments ago (shipping an it's problems ...). Hope I get the cover I want this time.
Love you way of drawing Megatron the most :heart:.
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Great face shot.
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oh, i see, cooler
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Love both covers :star: I wish I could get my hands on ya sketchbook :star:
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