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TF Ongoing issue 23 cover A

By markerguru
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so i thought i'd start the hype for isuse 23 now since it will be out on the 10th of August i believe?

i saw this on twitter a while back while back on therealteadadams yfrog pic. so i felt now that it is August for me, it would be cool to show it off and get some hype going for the book
link to where i saw it online :) [link]

this was a lot of fun to do. like the megatron covers, this is a duel prime cover, one showing him in the past, one in the present
this be prime in the present day prime,

i gotta say that Josh Perez did a fabulos job on these covers. this one have all the tslick vibrant colours. and the detail he put into the eye was just great. he always adds so much to my work. i'm really grateful and privileged to be able to work with him when we can work together :D

this issue of ongoing was amazing to work on.
there was so much to draw. i gotta say that James Roberts really packed this issue full of greatness.
if you liked issue 22, then i'm sure you'll like issue 23 :)
also it was great working with Joana on these books. she really outdid herself with them. i'm grateful to have worked with her on this project :)
well, enjoy :)

lineart :iconmarkerguru: that be me ;p
colours :icondyemooch: he be so great at what he does :)

story by: James Roberts. you must read his stuff. you won't regret it.
lineart by: myself (Alex Milne)
colours by: Joana Lafuente

transformers Ongoing issue 23© IDW publishing
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If we get another cartoon world you do the artwork?
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This is the face of a Prime.
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how long have you studied this area, the fine work you manage it even so? :giggle:
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Awesome job guys! Very sick colors!
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this transformers comics are good? what is the plot? thanks!!
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Really really gorgeous work!
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I like how you draw optics,it looks really beautiful and alive :D
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Beautiful work!

By thy side,

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Hail Optimus Prime, for freedom is the right of all sentient beings! :D
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This is Just Great ... I love how you did his optics.. amazing... keep up the great work you can tell you put a lot of work in to this piece.
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I'm loving these covers!
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thanks. they were a lot of fun to do.
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Colors are new thing for me. I really enjoy doing it though.
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Prime looks pretty clean and awesome :dummy:
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wow amayzing!!!!!
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all time favorite :heart:
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Still preferred Prime's design in The Devastation trilogy. The design in War Within was wicked too, but the latest head design looks a little off somehow. It doesn't have the 'right' number of spikes/aerials etc.

That said...the art is still bloody beautiful :D love it
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