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TF Ongoing 22 cover lineart

By markerguru
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so i know this art was shown off a while ago back at the Wondercon IDW transformers presentation. i thought i'd show it off here now since to hype up the release of issue 22 and the Chaos story arc :)
so these are the lineart for covers A and B of issue 22 of transformers ongoing. i think this will also be the incentive cover showing the lineart together to form a wraparound cover.
the two cover almost join up fairly well. the only problem i had is that my scanner cropped a tiny part of the image, so that's why i have a tiny gap in the middle. i really wish it didn't do that, but it happens i guess.
so one covers shows meagton from the past before the great war, and the other shows him in his new ongoing look :)
i had a lot of fun with these covers, and after i saw them coloured by Josh :icondyemooch: they are now easily some of the favourite things i've done for transformers.
well issue 22 hits shelves on the 13th of july. i hope you enjoy the book.
James Roberts really makes a great story that was so much fun to draw. and i have to also thank Joana Lafuente for her work on the colours. i know it must not have been easy for her with some of my lineart. :)
anyways, back to drawing for me

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I love the concept behind megatron's origins within these comics it gives more depth into his character. fantastic work.
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From a humble laborer to a tyrant and conquerer. So cool!
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Amazing. Just amazing. I am so getting you guys' covers. Are the colored versions wraparounds or do they only have one side?
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the wraparound is only the B&W i believe. the colour ones are covers A and B
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looks really great!!!!
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A cool split-screen reference to the past and present in the IDW community! :D
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That's some epically sick art! OwO
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Oh hai, it's minergatron!
Awesome work, as always.
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*O*... dude, you are a god XD
Im telling u this coz its suuuuuuuper awesome
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Is this one and the one featuring Optimus Prime going to be printed as a poster by any chance?
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not that i know of.
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Ahh, well, if it does would you send out a message?
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i will if it happens :)
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Exllcenent work here
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Pity most scanner does that but still an amazing job nonetheless.
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Well at least Meg's cleaned up a bit since his early days...
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Oh man I spazzed out seeing Origins Megatron~ So glad that version of him is included~:heart: *w*
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very cool looking and i loved how the coloring looked
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What makes these pop for me, besides that they are AWESOME, is that you added Transformer wrinkles to his face. The creases at his optic, nose and mouth really give the appearance that there is some serious time that has passed, with the exception of the body structure modifications. :worship:
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Wow there is a lot of detail here. I can't wait until it gets coloured
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