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TF MTMTE TPB01 cover colors

i came across this online, so i figured it would be safe to post it up here
this is the lineart for the cover to the first trade paper back for MTMTE
i wanted to do something very special for the fan of the comic since they have been incredible with their support for the series thus far, so i posed the idea to IDW of doing a new cover for the TPB. for the most part there is no budget for new art for the trades, so i said i'd gladly do this on the house. i just wanted to give a bit more for the trade, to make it even more special in my eyes.
the idea i came up with was a fun image of all the main cast flying towards the viewer. i remember the cover that Nick did for issue 1 which was an homage to DC's justice league international. on that cover ultra magnus was in the place where Batman was, so i decided to have some fun and make ultra magnus in a more batmanish pose. i just had a lot of fun working on this image.
the colors are just lovely, but i expect nothing less from my friend Josh. he always does fantastic work, and i knew that he wanted to do a cell shade style piece for a while now, so i let him go as wild as he wanted with this image.
i hope you enjoy it :)

lineart by :iconmarkerguru: that be me :p
colors by :icondyemooch: he's so great :) i'm jealous of his coloring skills ;p

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Wow! When I first found Transformers MTMTE book 1 at Barnes and Noble, this cover was one of the main reasons I bought the book. It got me interested in the series immediately and made me want to read it! 

It's still one of my favorite pictures of all of them <3