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TF MTMTE TPB01 cover colors

i came across this online, so i figured it would be safe to post it up here
this is the lineart for the cover to the first trade paper back for MTMTE
i wanted to do something very special for the fan of the comic since they have been incredible with their support for the series thus far, so i posed the idea to IDW of doing a new cover for the TPB. for the most part there is no budget for new art for the trades, so i said i'd gladly do this on the house. i just wanted to give a bit more for the trade, to make it even more special in my eyes.
the idea i came up with was a fun image of all the main cast flying towards the viewer. i remember the cover that Nick did for issue 1 which was an homage to DC's justice league international. on that cover ultra magnus was in the place where Batman was, so i decided to have some fun and make ultra magnus in a more batmanish pose. i just had a lot of fun working on this image.
the colors are just lovely, but i expect nothing less from my friend Josh. he always does fantastic work, and i knew that he wanted to do a cell shade style piece for a while now, so i let him go as wild as he wanted with this image.
i hope you enjoy it :)

lineart by :iconmarkerguru: that be me :p
colors by :icondyemooch: he's so great :) i'm jealous of his coloring skills ;p

transformers MTMTE©IDW Publishing

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Wow! When I first found Transformers MTMTE book 1 at Barnes and Noble, this cover was one of the main reasons I bought the book. It got me interested in the series immediately and made me want to read it! 

It's still one of my favorite pictures of all of them <3 
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Sweet :D  That's nice to hear :)
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Awesome cover. I just bought the first three MTMTE TPBs off Ebay, recently. :)
Soundwave364674's avatar
Thanks. They came in the post yesterday and I'm reading them now. I seriously need to catch up on reading more of MTMTE. It's an awesome comic series. :D
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New favorite and phone background xD!
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That's my background on my smartphone :D
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Rodimus is very pleased with himself.
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Man, you really have evolved the look of Transformers in a very dynamic aesthetic and the colors just bring it out superbly. The character in the lower right (Drift is it?) looks super awesome; VERY nice style and the color choices really bring him out and give him his own personality! This is also a great composition all around! Thanks for sharing.

P.S. - Your sig is funky, man i like it!
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O.O woooow! Imma BIG MTMTE fan I have at least 12 issues of it and others, but I have gaps and planning to get more. Great job guys
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I just got it in the mail today! I freakin love it!
otaku-drea's avatar
Awesome cover! So nice of you to do it just because! Everytime I see this volume in stores I cry a little, I really want to buy this comic so bad! >.<
Name-of-a-Rose's avatar
I love this cover!
UltraRodimus's avatar
I tried to order MTMTE today, now that it is FINALLY available in my area. Only to find out that Chapters is "sold out" and my order has been cancelled. I want MTMTE so bad!
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Nice work on this cover and those dynamic poses.
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This is seriously amazing!!

Can I buy this as a commission? What size does it come in?
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I want them to jump out of the screen and into my pants.

great stuff man. :)
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love all the characters! Mine personal fav is ratchet!

Rodimus is awesome! SO is rung and cyclonus!

Magnus is cool looking, and drift is so lovable!

don't forget tailgate! and rewind! XD

And the weapon of mass talking: Swerve!

Excellent colours and posture! If only you can autograph my copy!
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I am spending far too much money on this comic series (along with RiD) buying multiple covers but I am definitely going to have to get this! I just hope that my comic store will be bringing this in and if they are, no doubt I will find it waiting for me in my members box as the owner knows how addicted to the cover art I am!

I really do love your designs and I look forward to each issue for the covers just as much as the story.
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