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TF MTMTE 57 cover

By markerguru
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Here is my last cover to MTMTE which happens to be for issue 57 and it's the RI cover.
I would have liked to have done more for it, but due to time I couldn't.  However I picked some of my favourites to draw and I wanted a somewhat more simple image with Megatron at the center since he was a lot of the focus of season 2 of MTMTE.
What a ride it has been.  5 years I've been working on this title. I have drawn 38 of the 55 issue of the series and I try to do better with each new issue.
Well time to say bye to MTMTE.  It's been fun if not crazy stressful. I wouldn't have it any other way :D

Colours by the ever so talented Josh Perez.  He really made this cover pop and I love the space background he did for it :)

lineart by :iconmarkerguru: me
colours by :icondyemooch: talented ball of awesome ;)

TF:MTMTE©IDW Publishing

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Even as an Autobot now...Megatron retains that badass edge/air to him.
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At last, somebody else who likes Megatron as an Autobot beside myself. I completely agree. ;)
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I mean...sure, at first I felt uneasy about...THAT change for him. But it grew on me. Unfortunately, for many fans this is still not the case... I'm not gonna say the IDW comics are perfect, because they aren't, but when it comes to Megatron's redemption arc they really hit the nail on the head. And they didn't have to take away his 'edge' in order to do that.

As for your username's namesake, Soundwave too has a very interesting anti-hero arc now. And he REMAINED a Decepticon too. I mean, if Megatron took this path as well, I would've been even more okay with his character, but Megatron as an Autobot is fine too. But I realize...that if he remained a Decepticon...there would be a stigma against him due to his past evil deeds as their warlord leader.

My favorite Transformers character of all time will still be Starscream, however, some versions of him more than others. He's had a really interesting run too, although him getting into politics even after leaving the Decepticons is VERY like him so I was really glad when IDW kept that integral part of his character (while still making him remain 'relatively' likeable as the same Starscream we've always known him as).
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Thanks very much for your opinion. I feel better now. The way I see it, Megatron repenting of his evil ways and joining the Autobots was an interesting experiment. Maybe the concept was a little bizarre at first, but it doesn't bother me like it does a lot of the fandom. I've already replied to some of the Autobot Megatron haters and I'm worried that they might come down on me like a tonne of bricks. It really sucks to be in the minority. Diamond bolt made a video on 10 unpopular Transformers opinions and him liking Megatron as an Autobot was one of them. I also feel the same about Soundwave's character, too.
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It was 'interesting', indeed...and totally unexpected.'s also not the first time we've seen big villains turn a 180 either, so there's that :P It's just the way they did it was Megatron felt...right. They built up to it. Anyone who says the comics did NOT build up to that point are clearly bullshitting and most likely outright haters of IDW (for whatever reason). Don't get me started on this one facebook group I saw that was anti-IDW-TF...but that's another story for another time. You just can't satisfy many old fashioned fans, and I mean 'old fashioned' in more than one way. Same can also be said for extreme haters of Bayformers too, but...that's another story also (and I'd rather not get into that here lol). Though yes, in short, I'll always prefer Decepticon Megatron over Autobot Megatron, but the whole 'changing to an Autobot' arc he had was a great ride. And there was a good reason behind that change too, actually more than one reason (but you and I don't need to say what they are, we already know)

Believe me...I know what you mean about online 'haters' when it comes to giving your piece of mind. I've recently dealt with some overly offended people online myself, but in my case it's after these people got butthurt over mentioning facts to them about certain characters being different than how THEY think they are. One's pairing and fanfics do NOT change a character's canon persona, no matter what some fans think. For example, in's well known that Megatron and Starscream HATE each other and abuse each other (in different ways...but still abusive either way). Why, then, do 'some' people still think they actually LOVE each other and try to pair them with each other as if they were the next bread and butter? You tell it the way typical slash fan(girls) act? I don't care if this makes me sound 'hateful', facts are facts and cannot be denied. Yes, one can 'ship' them...but to actually sit there and tell me that those two actually LOVE each other is plain fucking delusional. Starscream is my favorite character out of the whole series, and I observe his interactions with Megatron well. I KNOW he's not 'gay for Megatron'. And most Transformers shouldn't even have love interests anyways, they're robots for crying out loud, but if you have a personal ship that's fine so long as you don't go spouting nonsense about your fanon ship.

That's just ONE example I've seen of rabid fan reactions too...and it also concerns the topic of what is canon and what is not. Head-canons are ok, so long as you don't force it down other people's throats as being ACTUAL canon.
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"Anti-IDW TF?" They're obviously Geewhiners with nothing better to do. Oh well, haters gonna hate. I find the hate on newer parts of the Transformers franchise really boring. I've read all of Dark Cybertron so I saw what was leading up to Megatron's change of heart. I get the impression that a lot of these Autobot Megatron haters are Decepticon fans who don't like the Autobots. But of course, people always have their other reasons.

I'm not a fan of slash couples, either. I usually try and avoid them like the plague and spend my time looking at proper Transformers fan art.
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Not check, lol. Slight annoying typo of mine I needed to correct...
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Oh yeah, I just noticed that. Typos can be really irritating and embarrassing. I know the feeling. 
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Yes I can see those as reasons why. But the funny thing is...I'M a big Decepticon fan and I'm definitely not like that. Because I realize a good redemption arc build up when I see one. Check, I'm doing that in my own story with the protagonist hero turned tragic villain. And yes, I definitely agree with you on Geewhinners, they hate everything after G1. And, to be honest, I don't like the extreme hate Bayformers receives either, but I understand the supposed flaws people point out about it.

Yes, thank you, I can see why you don't either. Especially for popular slash couple like OP X Megs and Screamer X Megs... Just, no... Many fangirls are just...delusional...
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I'm glad to see that you're not like that, then. Some people can be so narrow-minded. Your story sounds interesting. The Geewhinners are so boring and filled with nostalgia. I'm quite ambivalent when it comes to Bayformers, but I don't hate it like a lot of TF fans do. I have great memories watching the first three films a few years ago.

Unfortunately, DA is practically full of this stuff. These pairings are totally unrealistic and don't even work well, imo. The worst kind of slash drawings are pictures of them kissing or if they're pornographic. Trust me, I know all about delusional fangirls. While these slash fangirls are weird and delusional, there are other much worse groups of fangirls that I don't want to go into.......
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I have been reading the MTMTE comics and I really loved your artwork in the comics.  It was always very full of life and very well drawn. :)  Did you say you weren't going to be drawing for IDW anymore? That makes me very sad, I will miss your lovely work.
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No, I just said that I don't know if I will be working on Lost Light in the future.
I am currently working on a project with IDW that has yet to be announced.
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Such a sweet cover!
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Really love the designs right here.
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Don't remember, did you ever draw this body type of Megatron in alt mode?
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Slammin' cover! Megatron ALWAYS looks amazing in your style. No matter the pose or expression, you make art with him win all the way! :la:

You and your gorgeous artwork have always been, and continue to be, an inspiration to me and to many other Transformers fans and artists. :happycry: Thank you for all your hard work in MTMTE, and for all the beautiful line work you bring to Transformers comic books. Good luck in your future work, and here's to your awesomeness! :D
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I can just here the song

You got the touch... You got the POWAAAAAAAAA
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Megatron looks so badass here. :)
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Good God! Your Megatron is the very perfection of all Megatrons that have ever existed in the TF Universe <3 Look, we fans love you, because you have changed our view of many characters, the classic and the not known. That's basically because your art is magical and that is irrepleacable. If your hand was not on the Lost Light, we'd miss it a lot, it wouldn't be the same even though the other artists are gifted, talented, famous or whatever. I hope THEY remember that, because we'll do xDD Thanks for all your art, your effort and your passion :)
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Sad to hear you're leaving the title! It's been a great run and you've brought James's vision to life!
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I'm not leaving. It's not like I said I'm done and want to do something different.  They just brought on a new artist and I don't have anything to do with the new book as of right now. Maybe that will change? maybe it won't. I don't know what's going on since I have no firm details about it.
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Autobot Megatron has been one of my favorite twists of all time in TF, and you make him look awesome!
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