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TF MTMTE 55 cover

By markerguru
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The cover to MTMTE 55 and the last cover to the Dying of the Light story line.
This cover was a big deal for me when drawing it because I new about the death of one of the main characters (my favourite) in the series so I made a cover that reflected that. 
It was another spark flower blooming at Megatron because even indirectly, he is responsible for this death because of the whole situation the crew is in.
Then I found out about another character death in the main crew and it also works for that death as well.
So it can be one or the other or both if you like :)
Colours by Josh Perez

lineart by :iconmarkerguru: me
colours by :icondyemooch: talented ball of awesome ;)

TF:MTMTE©IDW Publishing

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© 2016 - 2020 markerguru
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Such a beautiful image of the New Megatron...or should I say the Megatron he always should have been if Trepan hadn't tampered with his brain.

Primus how I miss you and Roberts' working together. That was a very special era. You are and always will be my fave Transformers artist. Thank you for enriching my life with your stunning works❤

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Impressive. Megatron actually rediscovered his soul.
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if you know what is going on it is a very powerful image.
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To those who know the context to this picture: This is very powerful.
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Sad Megatron makes me sad
Thehoodedteddy13's avatar
Looking at this again, after knowing the context.  Thats powerful stuff, man.
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This was yours? This is actually my fave cover of the series!
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This is my absolute favourite piece by you and Josh Perez. Please make this cover available as a print! Or a T-shirt!
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You and James Roberts became monsters by the time you both killed Dominus Ambus  in one of the most heartbreaking moments of MTMTE. That alone left a bitter taste in my mouth. Then you killed another 'bot you made everybody love, and, at the end of the Dying of the Light, you guys showed no mercy towards cassettes. Are you guys competing with GANTZ in artistic cruelty?

That is one story I'll remember forever. One of that moments that bring greatness and excelence to the comics culture in general. You guys are awesome!!!
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This is one of your most iconic images, pal. Really haunting, powerful stuff. I made a special request to my comic shop for this cover. Thank you for drawing and sharing it!
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Really beautiful cover, shows how much Megatron has changed
AJsCreativeCorner's avatar
Will he stay that way though?
leokearon's avatar
I hope so, going back to being a Decepticon and evil would be a big mistake
AJsCreativeCorner's avatar
It's an interesting storyline they have going. Can't wait to see how Grimlocks story will turn out too
leokearon's avatar
AJsCreativeCorner's avatar
Shame about Ravage, Soundwaves reaction was interesting
leokearon's avatar
Yeah, looks like Megatron will need to make some new friends
AJsCreativeCorner's avatar
Except friends with Whirl!
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So many great covers for this season, from Nick's 'bookends' to your incredible work.
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My favorite cover.
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Sorry to hear that otherwise tremendous job by both of you as always nonetheless.
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This is by far the best Megatron picture I have seen in some time :)
Thanks for sharing !
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