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TF MTMTE 47 cover

By markerguru
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Here is The cover to issue 47 of MTMTE all coloured up
The Colours were done by Josh Perez who continues to keep colouring stuff I throw at him ;)

Lineart by :iconmarkerguru: That's me :)
Colours by :icondyemooch: A colour magic wizard I say ;)

TF MTMTE©IDW Publishing

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© 2015 - 2020 markerguru
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I wich Arcee from the aligned continuity cuts the head of Getaway for this!!!!
Undeadwargodthingy's avatar
I like this pairing too much. *luagh*{Sweating a little... }

 I don't understand this one......
Logically Cyclonus should know better (anger problems, but not stupid).
'Jealous' will only hurt there friendship feelng used or stupid, less Tailgate is showing he is stronger, and defend the others feeling? Sweating a little... 

I hate stories were they make smart people act all jealous, and stupid(No, I disagree! Stare  and over used to death plot ).
...............Sadly I love Cyclonus. so I will buy this.

S.P. All-way awesome covers!
{yep lot the cute twit be ripped in-halfLove } 
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Ok but like what is getaway's deal? Why is he trying to get all close with tailgate. GUUUUHHH WHEN IS THIS ISSUE COMING OUT I NEED TO READ IT VIOLENTLY
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I've always wondered why Getaway is trying to make a relationship with Tailgate.

Tailgate and Cyclonus I can understand since they're both from pre-war Cybertron, not to mention everything they've been through together. But why Getaway?
markerguru's avatar
I'd ask James Roberts about that.  Personally I don't see him as trying to make a relationship but rather cause trouble with one he thinks is wrong to begin with. But that's just me :p
Strikerprime's avatar
Yeah, I'm starting to see that too. Seems as though he's trying to separate Tailgate and Cyclonus. For what reason we still don't know. 

Thanks for commenting back BTW. I am a HUGE FAN of your work for IDW Transformers comics. ^_^

Your Transformers art style is my absolute favorite out of all the others! Keep up the amazing work! :D
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Glad you've been enjoying the comic and the work I do.  Hopefully you'll like whats coming up :)
Strikerprime's avatar
The MTMTE story's been getting better and better with every issue! 

And I'll always enjoy the work you do. ^_^
Sharpman01's avatar
...Dang I should have asked Roberts at TFCon earlier this year. Dang it.
BionicMooshroom's avatar
Getaway, you arse.
ArrogantVengeance's avatar
I believe the more accurate term would be 'aft' :P
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I'm totally amazed at the amount of emotional reaction you all have created over this trio. I still can't believe the relationships created in a Transformers comic.

Good job by you and Josh. love covers that have some relation to the story inside.
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I hope Cyclonus and Getaway come to an understanding and stop fighting.
Tailgate seems really torn up about it.
Ha-HeePrime's avatar

Also, congrats on getting to do one of the, as McFeely would say, more "symbolic" covers. I join in his liking of 'em.
(Actually, wait -- you did the Ratchet-holds-the-crew-in-his-hands one too...)
Bonus! The more the better! :thumbsup: :D 
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Hey now. Getaway is cool and you keep that McFeely style hate to yourself :p
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Are you selling the orginal Alex?
malin128's avatar
oooh intresting could you message me how much?
Ahpolki0513's avatar
....meh, he'll just respawn in 13 seconds...

...right? D:
GeyserEelborn's avatar

...On the other hand, I'm pretty darn excited to see this love triangle conclude...
redconvoy's avatar
Poor Tailgate! XD 
cassius335's avatar
Be interesting to see how Getaway survives this one...
SonicaKuroiTenshi's avatar
Finally Cyclonus is going to fight for him, but I fear that this will hurt Tailgate
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