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TF MTMTE 42 cover

Here is the finished cover for MTMTE issue 42
the awesome talent of Mr. Josh Perez :icondyemooch: was used for the colours :)


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i used to have a p.e. teacher who wouldn't've looked out of place in this comic on the first day of school his instructions were essestially " have of you run one way around the track, half of you run the other way, when you meet at the middle, have a big fight, while I go to the bar."
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man I adore this design for Ravage so much <3
orionpaxg1's avatar
I wanna pet him!
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DanLuna's avatar
Ravage! What did you do?
AuRonTheChampion's avatar
Offense or Defense? You decide!
WargodARTS's avatar
Looks like the Phrase, "DECEPTICONS, FOREVER"! strongly applies here.
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Oh crud nvm it's not wrong, it's a trick of the eye. how trippy. lol.
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SomethingI just noticed witch is an a error IMO. that circular shape near ravage's left paw is wrong. and should have been flipped vertically upon coloring. it's facing the wrong direction.

Otherwise the piece is perfect.
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I'm currious to see if Ravage is protecting him... :)
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Every time I look at Ravage I think of my AIBO robot. :XD:

Anyway, I love this artwork. =) I love your pencils and inks. So detailed, yet clean! (To me, that's perfection in art ^^)
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Is he protecting Magnus? XD Love Ravage's design!
SonicaKuroiTenshi's avatar
is he protecting him?
markerguru's avatar
I don't know? You'll have to wait and find out ;)
SonicaKuroiTenshi's avatar
>3< I'll need to be patience
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Looks like Nightbeat may have discovered something he shouldn't have....
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Love Ravage's pose, can't wait to see wait happened to Nightbeat
AlphaRaptor2k6's avatar
I guess Magnus wanted to Spade/Neuter(i.e. Disarm), Ravage and Ravage overheard....
Valong's avatar
Interesting cover !! I can hardly wait for the story.
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You draw my favorite take on Ravage.
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Thanks :)  Ravage is always fun to draw and I like that the issues I'm working on right now have more of Ravage in them :)
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