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TF MTMTE 31 cover

By markerguru
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this was a fun cover to do, but a little challenging getting the viewpoint just right.  the bosses just had to pick the hardest thumbnail i sent them to choose from :p
anytime i get to draw Nautica, i'm happy :D
colours again by the ever so talented Mr. Josh Perez

lineart :iconmarkerguru:
colours :icondyemooch:

transformers MTMTE ©IDW Publishing
transformers © Hasbro

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© 2014 - 2020 markerguru
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Heh ratchet's got two pistols like he did in the original movie :3 Nice tough there. At least this ratchet didn't get blasted by Megatron in gun mode
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Don't worry megatron Nautica is going to save you!!! from Chromedome!!!!
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DAMN!! We got ourselves a Cybertronian Standoff.
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This has always been one of my favorites of your MTMTE cover artwork. Not only does it give tension that pulls the reader into wanting to grab that issue off the shelf, but even the little details such as Megatron's revolver-style pistols are creative.
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Mexican standoff robot style.
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Reminds me off "The pirates of the Caribbean; At worlds End". haha
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"anytime i get to draw Nautica, i'm happy" Why is that?
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"Seems we got us a Mexeecan standoff, but we ain't us got any Mexeecans."
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So it's a Mexican standoff and Megatron is using little peashooters.

Seems legit
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god this is one of my favorite covers
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Ratchet's the 'bot!
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Haven't read that one yet and have no friggin idea what the hell is goin on - but:
.. RATCHET WHEEE :iconawesomeplz:

just look at them, this is so gorgeous :faint:
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Hmm, I wonder if my theory that Megatron is just pretending to be good is actually being proven here.
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Oh yes.  More Nautica, please.

The fact she's a major bookworm just sweetens her deal.
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<3 More Nautica!
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The good ol' fashioned Mexican (or shall I say Cybertronian) Stand off! :D
AutoBubbs's avatar
Cybertronian Stand off?
BDNatsuki's avatar
Anytime we can see Nautica drawn by you, we're happy :D
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"Now what we have here, is True Mexican Standoff..."
Spencerpootis320's avatar
"Easy....let's use words....."
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