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TF MTMTE 28 cover

By markerguru
The cover to what we call season 2 of MTMTE.  this one features a new crew line up with Megatron now as captain :0
i enjoyed doing a cover which was a throwback to MTMTE 01's cover which was a homage to  Justice League International 01's cover
the tasty colours were done by the amazing Josh Perez

lineart :iconmarkerguru:
colours :icondyemooch:

transformers MTMTE ©IDW Publishing
transformers © Hasbro

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© 2014 - 2021 markerguru
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Blastmasterism324's avatar
I hear the soundtrack for this issue featured "Mr. Blue Sky". 

I look at this cover and I can hear that song playing. 
TheValefor's avatar
I love this even more than the original. It is more colorgull and honestly I like all the characters here more than the initial crew.
robofreeak219's avatar
do you happen to have just the line art (black and white) version
ALFurrix's avatar
Even though Megatron is now an Autobot that dosen't mean he is still a killing machine. He can kill his enemies that he once called his soldiers.
bouncingdynamo's avatar
Awesome linework! I love how all your redesigns have such unique silhouettes. It really helps each character stand out visually from the others.

I didn't think I'd enjoy some of the new cast for the book, but as usual you guys brought me around in no time. Nightbeat, specifically: I wasn't all that enthusiastic about his role in Dark Cybertron (though that may have just been due to the choice of artist for the dead universe scenes), but he's definitely enjoyable in this series.
Nextgen2015's avatar
Want to make something out of it?
jricht's avatar
Well, Megs is an Autobot now. Next thing you know, Starscream will be the ruler of Cybertron... oh wait...
AlexandraAlex's avatar
that autobot has red eyes!!
clovercarmen5's avatar
wait a minute.... is that..... megatron??? with an autobot symbol on him?!!
Phenometron's avatar
Megatron's looking pretty boss right now.
DanLuna's avatar
Megs as an Autobot is awesome.
RaptorRed79's avatar
WAIT !!  Megatron.. Autobot symbol...   WHAT MADNESS IS THIS ??!!!!! 

Okay I think this is a series I really need to check out, cause this is just weird to me.
Nightbeat?! AW YEAH
Toaoflight3690's avatar
Is it just me, or my looking at Megatron with an Autobot symbol on him?
They're all so shinyyyyy... I am a dummy! 
Maximiser16's avatar
Great job with this, but I haven't kept in touch with the comics, could someone explain how and why Megatron is here?  ^^;
minimus-minor's avatar
Became an Autobot at the end of the previous event's character development, basically captain of the Lost Light and its quest so the rest of the Cybertronians don't have to have him round.
HiveLordLusa's avatar
I love this cover, it was a fantastic way to kick off "season 2" of MTMTE visually.
Malcadon's avatar
That OZ Leo-like collar around Megatron's neck! It make him look like he just got back form the gym.
Vestras's avatar
Oh, we'll make something of it alright hehe
Rapture38's avatar
oh dear, looks like this is going to be interesting :3Megatron as captain? Chaos insured!
Phaedrolous's avatar
Ol' Megs is a 'Bot now!?  When, why, and how???
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
Those guy at IDW for sure love that cover. I've seen both TF Versions, a Godzilla one, and also one with miniature equines...
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