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TF MTMTE 26 cover

the RI cover for MTMTE 26/Dark Cybertron chapter 8

probably my favourite cover i've done thus far.  i love drawing female transformers.  always have
now there are more of them to draw :)
also i love working with Josh Perez.  he colours my stuff just the way i like :)  always a joy to work with him.

lineart by :iconmarkerguru:  that be me
colours by :icondyemooch:  a man full of greatness

TF: MTMTE ©IDW Publishing

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© 2014 - 2021 markerguru
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You are a master! I love the details!^^
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They look so badass. I love them so much, great work!
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Arcee & Chromia have always been two of my most favorites. Ever since the G1 cartoon.
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Love those girls! Amazing work as always.
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Well done, sir.

I find it interesting that both your and Sarah Stone's renditions of these characters stand on equal ground in my mind; usually when I find an artist such as yourself who often has what I consider the best interpretation of characters I enjoy, I find myself holding all others against the high bar that's been set. Both your versions are so different, yet both seem to speak to the true essence of the characters.
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You guys did an extrodinary job!! :D They look poised for action and other matters concerning bad-asseriness...ness...yesss. <3 
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Windblade is extraordinary!
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the babes of MTMTE :DLove Heart Heart 
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I love this cover!  One of my all-time favorites!

PS - How awesome is Nautica?!?
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She's not really fighter but you can't help but love her.

Chromia however...
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She deserves a toy...I hope that didn't come out wrong.
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These ladies are just no-holds barred badasses, particularly Chromia, and I really look forward to seeing what our fine new creative team does with her and Windblade.

And Nautica gets to be penned by James Roberts. Lucky girl!

You capture them all well. Nautica gives the impression of resilience and steadiness, wheras Chromia comes across as a female Ironhide. Windblade herself is suitably exotic and intriguing.

Thumbs up!
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Lovely girls, lovely work. :D
Yggdrasil1992's avatar
I can't wait to see more of Nautica from you :love:

I hope she's as fun as the rest of the Lost Light crew!
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man... the more female transformers the better i think. I love how you draw them too! awesome, dude!
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thanks man.  yeah i agree with you , the more the better :)
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good to see chromia, can't care less about the other two.
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then you don't know what you're missing with Nautica
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Oh, i'm sticking with the ride till the end, RID, MTME, but MTME is my canon title and it's all because of you and Roberts.  but i kind of have problem with the new fem bot characters since i actually see them as a forced corporate act from hasbro rather than a new spirits introduced by artistic freedom. at least under the recent act of events. if it were some other time under some other circumstances, perhaps i'd be a fan of this windblade thing and nautica. but i'm not here to debate, I've nagged a lot about this subject, but the fact remains that i'm still a fan and i'll follow the stories.

until hasbro forces robots to have sex with each other and then i'll drop the whole franchise for good. :)
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Windblade has a wicked design. Love that geisha head. Chromia looks so BADASS as well as Nautica. C= I hope we can see these girls in action sometime soon! =) 
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I really like your interpretation of Windblade's helm. It feels heavy and metal like a Cybertronian helm should and less like plastihair. Especially the blue part that looks more like a crest instead of TFP style eyebrows. >.>

And can I love Nautica forever? She feels bulkier here and I hope she keeps that look consistently in the future. Any chance we'll ever see Nautica and Chromia's full designs posted anywhere? c:
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