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TF MTMTE 22 cover unused colors

hey all
figured i'd show this off here until Josh wants to
this was the colours he did for issue 22 cover. only thing was there was a bit of a mix up and it wasn't used. i think it was my fault since i forgot to mention i sent it to him to colour after i finished it. oh well, the colours done by Josh Burcham on the cover that is used for the book look just as good :)
just want to give props to both Josh's for the great job they both did on this image :)
anyhoo, back to drawing crazy robots :)

lineart by :iconmarkerguru:
colours by :icondyemooch:

TF:MTMTE©IDW Publishing

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© 2013 - 2021 markerguru
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Man Thunderclash.. what a guy. love Swerve's nose peeking over omg
TF-Alphabeat's avatar
Thunderclask creeped the absolute FRACK out of me. I had NEVER EVER heard of him before, and then suddenly there's this guy that EVERYONE LIKES who is NEON PINK AND BLUE and my first thought was wat and uhhhm and OH GOWD RATCHET NOT YOU TOO!! This progressed into EVIL and GARY STU in a downward spiral of immediate distrust. I still don't like him even though I'm up to date, but not nearly as bad as I used to.
Phenometron's avatar
He brings the thunder!
theGrungeWerX's avatar
This is awesome. I love physiology you give the TFs, not to mention all of the little details here and there. Great worK!
Lights321's avatar
Am wondering what this mech specializes in. Races? Singing? Simply looking awesome for MTMTE Issue 22?
TF-Alphabeat's avatar
Apparently everything except spotting a spy.
Lights321's avatar
That's a damn shame chap.
TF-Alphabeat's avatar
Yeah, but the neon idealist is growing on me. Would help if they showed him more often instead of him having, like, one appearance where it's revealed that he's been involved with everyone at some critical pint in their lives and he's like Rung's favorite person ever and yet /no one mentioned has him before this/.

I also apologize for sounding like Rodimus in the other comment; it does things to people when they find out their idol has an idol. T^T I can't believe that Ratchet was all like OMG I NOE U, U R MY BESTIE and I was like WAT Icon  Spam-in-a-Box: NOOO  *WARNING: opinion of character compromised. lowering... lowering... opinion of character is in the red. lowering...* and then Button Masher (Xbox).  Now I'm like *sad/okay*. (I skipped Bargaining, in case you noticed a theme here.)

(Holy crap I just found the best Prowl emote: Fliptableplz ! [He trows tables when he's upset at someone/thing.])
Lights321's avatar
Oh, so you're saying that Thunderclash seems so inconvinitely popular that it makes no sense in the making? Yeah, I can see that. But I'm on the same side of the moon you are. I'd actually like to see Thunderclash go through this more extensive stage in the Character Assessment machine. It's kinda frustrating to see everyone make such a big fat deal about Thunderclash when we don't even know what the hell makes him so amazing. (Jesus, even Docter Cynical makes him into a bestie, like you said)

But apparently now that the Matrix is completely destroyed, maybe we can see more of that guy. After all, he claims to have all these visions and such of a route to the Knights of Cybertron. (C'mon Roberts, MILK the opportunity...*Feverently prays*)

I do like the fact that even in the MTMTE universe there's a "yes-man" but the only complaint I have is COME ON! SHOW ME THE DETAILS! LET ME BE IMPRESSED, BUT NOT THROUGH THE FACT THAT EVERYONE ELSE IS IMPRESSED!
TF-Alphabeat's avatar
I know! And when that Windblade Mini-series came out, with as much as importance as Windblade put in her meeting Thunderclash I thought for sure that they would show us how they met or something. Have you seen it yet? The artwork is stunning!
ladyofdragons's avatar
Haha now I'm looking at both covers and wondering what the difference is, aside from light treatment and Rung's colors being slightly different... Josh B's is wonderful, but I love the softer colors and textures in this one.
markerguru's avatar
the colours on thunderclash are a bit different too.  the one that Josh Perez did, i did the flats for, so it was the colours i intended for thunderclash but never had time to do a colour guide since i was busy with past issues
destrakon's avatar
they need to make a figure of this
Scrapper-Girl's avatar
:eager: I can't wait to read IT! Or buy it! Or both! This is so Epic!
KiraArtemis21Gahoole's avatar
Great pic. Awesome job on it.
symphonymach14's avatar
th15 l00ks great  
hde2009's avatar
It's a superb cover, however you slice it. I love stuff that mixes up angles like this.
BDNatsuki's avatar
I find that little nose of Swerve the cutest thing ever :heart:
JohnnyFive81's avatar
Hmm, curious.  Wonder what old TC's connection to the Lost Light is...
RaptorRed79's avatar
Wow !! this looks awesome.
BryanSevilla's avatar
Awesome work as usual!

Blackvegetable's avatar
An awesomely colored result!
Natarichan2's avatar
look at that swerve nose haha ...
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