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TF MTMTE 20 cover colors

By markerguru
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here is the cover to issue 20 of MTMTE
it is the 4th part in the 5 part Remain in Light story arc.
again, this was a fun cover to work on. not many times do i get to draw a bot carrying another bot like a baby. you can't do that to often :p
it was a lot of fun.
it's also great to get to work with Josh Perez again. i miss working with him all the time on the comics, but he has RID to work on :D
another great piece of work from him.
well back to the grind

lineart by :iconmarkerguru: this is me
colors by :icondyemooch: a man too awesome for words of a mere mortal ;p

TF MTMTE ©IDW Publishing

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© 2013 - 2020 markerguru
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I love it! I also love how they slimmed out transformer characters in the comics to avoid making them look big and bulky.
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You guys killed Dai Atlas ;_;
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I have seen the preview.  It looks awesome.  Many are raving about it at twf2005 website.  

RID looks marvelous the last issue the Three Monologues.  I love seeing Starscream in his egomaniac glory.  Josh did an excellent job. 
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You and Josh did a splendid job. A lot is going on as well throughout this piece. I love the textures.
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Pure awesomeness!
I can't wait for this issue, goddamn ALL THESE EMOTIONS ;A;
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Looks Like Tailgate Cybercrosis is kicking in! OH NO
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With Tailgate being a fanfavorite, this must cause all sorts of fangirls to freak out. ;)
Can't wait to see what fate Tailgate has.
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Looks like the Cybercrosis has developed to a more severe state.
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Great pic, please don't let Tiny Ancient Dude die!
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Thanks so much for sharing! I love this cover most out of all the recent ones. It really gets to me on an emotional level re: Tailgate; it actually makes me like and respect Rodimus, (always a challenge due to prejudice on my part); and there's a real sense of urgency and heroism about it. Huzzah, Sir. Huzzah. And mad props to Josh as well for the colors. You guys make magic.
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I find it a bit funny that Hotrod is carrying a gun and yet he has three exhaust pipe blasters strapped to his wrists if memory serves XD
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rodimus has his little arsenal
wrist lasers
plasma rifle
targetmaster sparks (firebolt) <= g1
trailer heavy cannon platform <= g1
i even saw a energy sword on regeneration one

and awesome job the mtmte rodimus is one of my favorites. he only needs to work his connection with the matrix (and his narcisism). c'mon i know you guys wanna see both him and orion (optimus) saying "Arise" and summoning metrotitans
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Save the Tiny Ancient Dude, save the planet.
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I am amazed at the sheer badassness of it all, as usual. Love how expressive and dynamic your lines are and how the colours made the characters pop-out from the background. Amazing work!
Then again I know I'll probably be crying in a corner for a week once I read it because let's face it: Roberts.
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