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TF MTMTE 17 cover colors

This was shown off online so i figure its safe to show it off on DA now as well :)
this is the cover to issue 17 of MTMTE. it was a lot of fun to work on this cover and create a few interesting ways to show off some internal weapons for some of the characters.
it was a tone of work to do this cover. i can't actually remember how long i spent on it. i can't actually tell anyone whats going on with this image. you'll just have to wait for the issue to come out to find out whats going on.
the fantastic colors were provided by the ever so talented Mr. Josh Perez. i enjoy a lot how he turned this image into something awesome :)
TF: MTMTE hits comic shelves in May
until then, enjoy :)

lineart by :iconmarkerguru: that be me
colors by :icondyemooch: to great for words to even describe his awesomeness ;p

Transformers MTMTE© IDW Publishing

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Amazing. It reminds me to the Transformers movie cover, so nostalgic points for that.

PD: Sorry to ask this again, but once is solicited will you upload the textless cover for Rom vs Transformers: Shining Armor?
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This cover art for the comic was actually inspired by the cover art for one of the earlier Star Wars movies.
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Yep, this definitely reminds me of Star Wars. I think it was the cover art of A New Hope, if I'm not mistaken?
Soundwave364674's avatar
I knew it. That just confirms it, thanks.
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This is epic! Excellent work!
fernandosolano's avatar
this is one of the most beautiful works on transformers universe i ever seen great work man

ninjagocookie's avatar
Very nice! Awesome use of the amazing colors!!! XD
DanLuna's avatar
Awesome poses
rodimaxus's avatar
Rodimus Prime looks Awesome! he needs more love in the TF universe!
Phenometron's avatar
All right, Rodimus! Light our darkest hour! :D
jemilfk's avatar
holy shit, man.
WolfWhiskers's avatar
I love your art- it's part of why I love MTMTE so MUCH! So much character.
Dustthatwasacity's avatar
This cover is 10 shades of amazing but all I can think to comment on is Rung.

Rung, why are you holding a gun? That'd can't be good for someone with you luck.

Loving this. Very much.
Killer-Sweet's avatar
Swerve holding a gun. This ought to be good XD
UltraRodimus's avatar
Does Cyclonus ever get that horn fixed?
pqcomics's avatar
make this a poster.
SzakacsFerenc's avatar
Cyclonus became one of my favourite bots because of your style of drawing him. I love how all your figures have individual characteristics. They are teeming with life!
jedijundi's avatar
You have a wonderful talent for giving the Transformers a life in your pics. Where great artists can draw them in various poses, you give them the feeling of movement and character. Great job!
broken-and-whole's avatar! :squee:
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