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TF MTMTE 15 cover colors

By markerguru
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well this is full on action here
this is the cover to MTMTE 15. its basically everything that could go wrong with overlord on the ship happening. will it play out this way, who will know. you'll just have to pick up the issue to find out :p
poor ultra magnus. he's not having a good day. a gut punch and an arm ripped off. ratchet will have his work cut out for him. good thing they picked up a few more medics back in issue 5 ;p
so this cover has drift impaled by his own sword. brawn has one of his forearms chopped off, but is spoting a nice pair of brass knuckles so he can pay overlord back. rodimus is firing on overlord while skids is trying to hold onto him and get a head shot in. i wounder if he will???? in the background we have crosshairs, pointblank, and boss. i put them in there to show more of the crew of the lost light

this cover was colored by the ever so talented Joana Lafuente. i have to thank her ever so much for doing this. i kinda got this cover done at the last minute and she had to come in and really bust this out. now this is not a cover you want to have bust out in a short period of time, but she did it. she's a real trooper :) thanks a lot Joana :)

well, back to work

lineart by :iconmarkerguru: that be me
colors by :iconkhaamar: shes the best :D

transformer MTMTE©IDW Publishing

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who are the three in the back? ive been trying to figure it out but i cant 
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God, how I love Overlord.
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Wow I have seen this pic and this is really brutal and violent kinda bursting in this pic kinda of a bit detail to much energon blood all the feels but it's certainly good but the feels seems to be grinning for something some victim or artist had summon this hardcore sorry for the issues. By the way good job.

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Dayum that's HARDCORE. Definitely for the adult reader.

Took me a while to see what was going on in the scene cause the contrast between the Victim and the Villain are very similar. Once is saw the victims torso and his head, it all made sense. Seems like Ultra Magus is always getting beat up... A those years doing Unsolved Mysteries and the Untouchables couldn't prepare him for this (voice actor Robert Stack for those who don't know.)

Jeeeeeze, that's brutal just to look at...
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You've done a marvelous job showing what a beast Overlord is. To me, he's one of the most terrifying characters in the IDW-verse.
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Just read this issue. Overlord is a total badass!

One thing I'm not clear on is how is it that the LL crew knows of Megatron's return in the sister series RID?
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I like Overlord... but WHY the Hell is he on that ship in the first place!? Who's colossal mistake was that!?
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The usual, Prowl.
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i knew it ¡¡
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Is it bad that I am most excited to see Pointblank finally getting involved?
Epic and amazing work as always gang!
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Do anybody else hear the "Attack on the Shuttle" theme ( from Vince DiCola) in their head,when they see this pic? Hands down the best TF series in any medium so far!
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love the artwork and the colors are stellar. I will be having to grab this issue :) keep up the awesome work, I just love watching what you guys do ;)
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Hmmmm, hope all of the bots on the Necrobot's list does not wind up true in the end...looking forward to Overlord getting whupped by Tailgate!:D

Or better yet, Grimlock or Megatron.:)
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I feel so sorry for magnus and drift...
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Gosh is this part where everyone dies?
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Probably. Gawd, that would make me so depressed ...
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Same thing here!
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Gee, it's almost as if keeping a sadistic rogue Decepticon alive on their ship was a BAD idea! :D

Great cover, Alex.
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look how amazingly calm and collected Overlord is. lol Nothing seems to phase this guy.
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why should it. he loves to fight
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That's why I love this particular scene.

He's kinda like Dexter. ;)
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