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TF MTMTE 14 cover colors



well i got the go ahead from the boss that it was ok to post this up to show off, so thats what i'm doing :)
this is the lineart for the cover to issue 14 of MTMTE.
this cover is a bit different from the ones i normally do. i had lots of fun with it. basically in the solicitations for this comic, it tells of a characters with needles making the biggest mistake of his life. well if you put 2 and 2 together i think we can work out who the character is.
so we have chromedome and he's doing his special skill on overlord. good idea? i don't think so.
with this cover i wanted to give overlord a very psychotic look. i pleased with how it turned out
the awesomesauce of mr Josh Perez was used to color up this bad boy. i love how it turned out. all i said to him was i want it to look creepy. well i think he did that and more. i can't look at it for too long. it creeps me out ;p
i know one of the things Josh wanted to do is make Overlords eyes greenish yellow instead of the standard red due to what chromedome is doing. his idea was if your haing your mind read, your eyes would be glowing a different color.
i like that idea. i know he added so much more into this cover then that, but i'll let him explain all that he did when he posts it up on his DA page.
well, back to work
enjoy :)

lineart by :iconmarkerguru: that be me
colors by :icondyemooch: turly a man of amazing talents

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Is it just me, or does Overlord, a Decepticon who, to quote TV Tropes "one of the most powerful, ruthless, and sadistic Decepticons to ever exist, capable of razing entire worlds on his own" look a bit like Optimus Prime? Just by those blue horn like things.