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TF MTMTE 11 cover colors

saw this pop up online, so i figure its safe to post here :)
this si the cover to issue 11 of MTMTE which will the the final issue in the 3 part shadowplay story arc :)
this was a fun cover to work on.
another awsome cover by my buddy Josh Perez :) the only thing with this cover was i was pretty specific with the colors i wanted for the background and i know that Josh was sort for time since he was just back, or just about to leave for TFcon when we were working on this cover so i flatted the cover to help out. that was a lot of fun to do since i don't get to do anything with the colors that often, so any chance to help out i like. but all the magic with the colors, thats all Josh, and one day i will hook his brain up to a scanner so i can download his secrets to coloring :p
i would write more, but i have lots of work to do and not much free time
so i hope you all enjoy it :)

lineart by:iconmarkerguru: that be me
colors by :icondyemooch: he be greatness in a tiny burrito package :p

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*inserts mission impossible theme*
DanLuna's avatar
Mission Impossible!
Phenometron's avatar
He's hangin' by a moment.
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Mission Impossible: Cybertron Chaos. "plays mission impossible music" [link]
GundamSpear's avatar
It reminds me of the scene from the first Micheal Bay Transformers movie.
ninjaboy240's avatar
how's it hang'n Prime...
SuzyLin's avatar
Man you're the greatest Transformers comic artist I've seen :D
Wyn83's avatar
Love the details in this! I like how there are little scratches in the edges in his paintwork! Soooo goood!
OptiMario94's avatar
i love your art!
LotteBubbles's avatar
I gotta get my hands on this-wicked as:love: I love how everything, the colours, the lines-just everything comes together amazingly-seriously awesome=]

When you download the colouring secrets of sheer awesomeness can you share some of them??
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I think of this as an Indiana Jones move... cuz you know in the first movie he replaces the idol with a bag of sand right? So, Prime learned to not be on the ground just in case a giant ball of um.. "steel" (in this case) comes tumbling down from a secret passage way. :) ( I hope that makes sense ^^; )
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awsomness i can feel Optimus/Orion saying under his mask- Primus sake..... ugh.....thanks Skids. Ratchet??
Skids- hang in there Prime i got your leg
Ratcht: Optimus are you okay???we here to help you

lol this is what i got my mind xD
but damn you guy's are rock Yeah!!!!!!
Neat! Looks like Orion is hanging out with the old team.....
victortky's avatar
am I not the only one who can hear the mission impossible soundtrack when looking at this scene?

skids again! Love his agent character. And looks like the good doctor is helping orion and skids!
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"The Hanged Man"??
coraxonyx's avatar
I really love this. The pose is amazing and it hints of so much amazing story that it's hard to wait for the issue to come out. I'm reminded a bit of the Hanged Man tarot card, perhaps not your intention, but an interesting bit of symbolism to bring in if you did.
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So this is what Optimus has decided to do with his free time now that he's retired.

He's become a bungee jumper.
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The mission impossible theme comes to mind :XD:
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