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TF MTMTE 10 cover lineart

By markerguru
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saw this online not that long ago, so i thought it would be safe to post it up here :)
this is the cover lineart to issue 10 of Transformers MTMTE 10
this will also be part 2 or the 3 part story called shadowplay.
this image features Chromedome on a hover bike flying up the side of a building. well i love drawing buildings and i decided to have a lot of fun with this image, so i made it a building with a lot of reflective surfaces to it. so not only do you have a really detail background, but you have the reflection of that background also. also little semi side reflections on to parts of the building that jet out a bit. it was a lot of work, but i was very happy with the end result.
oh, the hover bike is a variation on the bike action master prowl has. good job for people on the board who noticed that ;)
issue 10 comes out in October

transformers MTMTE©IDW Publishing

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This is real epic! How´d you even keep track of every line?

I mean it´s such an amount of detail in depth that single strokes become less important in the overall picture, and yet they add so much. What a time slinger, but totally worth it! :thumbsup:
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My favourite cover ever? Yes. Yes it is...
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lol. you too kind good sir :D
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I really am aren't I? Now how do I remove a favourite...?
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ugh.. buying. You know a good proofreader for hire?
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Wow. You may have talked me back into by comic damn it.
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DAAAAANNNGGG!!! those reflections!!! wow! just wow!
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MAN and that perspective too!! so percise!
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greaht reflexions
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Fantastic details and perspective!
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This actually gives me vertigo. ROCK ON, MAN!
This is impressive as slag. :salute:

I'm so glad that you were unselfish enough to put in all the reflection detail, but then let Josh's light obscure it somewhat. That would have been just a little bit hard for me.
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why, it gives the proper effect for what would really happen.
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Great cover Alex.

Love the awesome levels of detail on the background, puts me in mind of Barry Windsor-Smith's Machine Man stuff.
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thanks. there are time when it's always fun to draw something as detailed as this :)
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...and the Grinch said:

"All the lines, lines, lines, lines..."

e_e 0_o LINES!!!! Pretty OMG there!!
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very ingenious way how you integrated your signature onto the bike. :)
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i've been known to have moments of genius from time to time ;p
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heh haven't we all. ;p
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Tremendous job as always especially the insane amount of details you put in.Well worth the times and the efforts for sure.
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very cooool !! Good work !!!
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