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TF MTMTE 10 cover colors

saw this online not that long ago, so i thought it would be safe to post it up here :)

this is the cover lineart to issue 10 of Transformers MTMTE 10
this will also be part 2 or the 3 part story called shadowplay.
this image features Chromedome on a hover bike flying up the side of a building. well i love drawing buildings and i decided to have a lot of fun with this image, so i made it a building with a lot of reflective surfaces to it. so not only do you have a really detail background, but you have the reflection of that background also. also little semi side reflections on to parts of the building that jet out a bit. it was a lot of work, but i was very happy with the end result.

now when i handed this over to Josh, i felt a little bad for giving him something with so much to do, but oh man, what a job he did on this. all i mention was that i was thinking that it would be afternoon for the time period of the image, and this is what he sent back. holy crap is this ever good. i love the look of the sun on the reflected surface of the building. his colors just made me very happy :) i really have no words to describe all the awesomeness that he put into this cover. all i know is it makes me a bit sad that we only work on covers together.

oh, the hover bike is a variation on the bike action master prowl has. good job for people on the board who noticed that ;)
issue 10 comes out in October

lineart by :iconmarkerguru: that be me :p
colors by :icondyemooch: wow, his a tiny ball of coloring fury ;p

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So are Chromedome's eyes in the lineart or were they added in during the color process?
Phenometron's avatar
Chromedome's a toughie.
mysecretotherlife's avatar
one of my favourite covers, simply because of how you drew his visor/eyes. so amazing!
UltraRodimus's avatar
What city is that?
Zephyr79's avatar
I love Chromedome, and I love Action Masters. THIS BLEW MY MIND!
NickMaster64's avatar
this is like the transformers action masters line very neat
JericaWinters's avatar
That reflection is super awesome!
WheelJack-S70's avatar
But is it street legal? :) awesome piece!
markerguru's avatar
that all depends on what you would call "street legal" ;p
WheelJack-S70's avatar
Ha! yeah, I'm not sure if the tyrest accord covers two wheelers. :P
victortky's avatar
very nice work on the windows and the metallic design...I also love the vehicle chromedome is riding on!
expert work. How do you make a reflection and still make the surface appear solid ?
markerguru's avatar
that can be a bit tricky. but usually you need to have something that divides up the reflection, like window panels and things like that to make your mind take note that your looking at a reflection. not how the reflection is divided on this image.
exceedinglyspherical's avatar
That cover is awesome. Great job to the both of you!
SlavicWolf's avatar
You sir have pulled me back into TF.
JohnnyFive81's avatar
Great work - all the old Action Master vehicles could do with this sort of treatment, they're often ignored in fiction.
Martzu's avatar
Amazing <3 I love your art
Great stuff you guys make a great team!
Neoconvoy's avatar
Excellent work!

Really beautiful :)

And full of details. I admire specially the work on the reflections. Very well done.

Also, the signature is a great detail!
furstreak's avatar
A Transformers riding a hover bike? Is that considered sex or masterbation? LOL On a side note, this is epic awesome!
MachinaeChild's avatar
So much detail and the colors are fantastic. <3 Kudos to you both; a beautiful piece. :D
MattMoylan's avatar
Thumbnail made me thing of Judge Dredd ;)
Ha-HeePrime's avatar
Yes, Josh did a PHENOMENAL job on this. But good on you for having the grand vision in the first place. The thing you do that I love so much is that you're willing to put in the uncounted hours to really get all those details in. Josh made good decisions on what to bring out and what to obscure a little. But without all that foundational work, this would not have nearly the same punch.

Also, I love your little "Cybertronix" signature. It took me a little bit before I saw it, but I got it, finally. :D :nod:
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