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TF MTMTE 09 cover lineart

this has been posted online, so i figure i can show it off now
this is the cover to issue 9 of Transformers: More than Meet the Eye.
this image was a lot of fun to make. it was also an interesting way of getting all the images for the characters that were to be on the cover. when i first got the description for the cover, one of the images was to be a broken window with a decepticon emblem painted on it. i did a couple roughs with that image, but then i thought up this idea where broken glass made up the decepticon emblem and the images were in each of the large glass shards. i think it turned out well.
well, back to work

transformers MTMTE©IDW Publishing

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I think alot questions are going to be answered in this issue Like what happened to Nominus Prime, Who was the senator that bailed out Orion, How Rewind and Chromedome met, The first time Ratchet saved Drift's life, and what happened to Orion after Chaos Theory.
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Great idea and cover and glad that you have fun working on it as you have done a tremendous job here.
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...shattered glass, anyone?
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this is such an awesome cover. Will this be an RI cover or one of A & B? I have been buying A&B's but occasionally I am adding the RI to my collection.

The idea of the Decepticon emblem as shattered glass turned out better than well. It also does an fanatsic job of showing the fractures that still lie over the Autobots in the wake of the Decepticon's.
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Fantastic! Love the pose of whoever's about to fire that claw launcher! :D
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you mean skids :D
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Now I remember - thanks! :)
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Awesome. I was wondering if you actually sold any of your original art for the More Than Meets the Eye series. You are doing a great job.
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i'll sell the art to anyone who is willing to buy it :)
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I am going to look through the issues and see what pages I like.
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optimus? already?
and gotta love the "SKIDSMAN"
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I like the concept that you ended up using. The Decepticon symbol is fairly subtle until you're actually looking for it. :D
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Really nice job assembling all these pieces. Lots of fun to discover in here, and lots of tantalizing glimpses. :thumbsup:
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Coolness! Optimus is in it? Poor Rodimus...heh...
Gambits-Wild-Card's avatar
Oh my....
Fantastic work!
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WOW this looks great, Nice work.
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